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[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4a/4

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1000 | Complete: no | Beta: no
Pairings: Maybe Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru, Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4a:

Sai was gone.

Touya Kouyo couldn’t believe it when Ogata had relayed the information. He’d sat down, glad that the other man was on the phone and not there in person. As they’d hung up he couldn’t help but be relieved the other man hadn’t witnessed his momentary stupefaction. That had been days ago, and since then Kouyo had had way too much time to think. It was odd to be a little bit devastated over someone he didn’t even know, but Kouyo understood that Fujiwara Sai had helped him at a crucial moment in his life, and subsequently, his career.

There have been two other times Kouyo could honestly say he’d been deliriously excited about Go. The first was upon discovery, of course. He’d been a child with no special talents, not incredibly smart, no charming personality, following in the footsteps of his stiflingly traditional family. Nothing about him of note, his father ignored him. His mother defended him, said he would find his niche when ready. It was his grandfather, however, who seemed to find something redeemable in him and sat him down to a game. They had both discovered that there was one thing his completely average brain excelled at. Puzzles. Strategy. His family had been so proud, and he had been ecstatic to finally belong somewhere and enjoy being there.

The second time had been when Akira had expressed his interest in Go. Akira had been a weird child who didn’t fit in anywhere either. Akiko had despaired their son’s tendency to isolate himself from other children. She would often regale Kouyo with tales and demonstrations of the many faces of disdain their toddler would make when presented with toys or games. Kouyo would commiserate and lament that he’d passed on horrible genes, and his wife would laugh and deny it. Then one day Akira had entered his study intent on playing a game with him. It was seeing his solemn little boy smile at him across a Go board after successfully placing a stone that had infused him with a desire to teach, nurture. He’d started a school. Akira was his number one pupil.

This time, however, was nothing like the other two. This time Kouyo had sat at a computer screen, fiddling with a ridiculous pointing apparatus, feeling sorry for himself and yet curious. He’d placed his stones and been rebuffed. He’d recalled every strategy he’d ever learned, but it was as though he’d been playing against the creator of those strategies; someone who knew them better. Someone who had evolved passed them. After years of being at the top Kouyo had lost. After years of stagnancy Kouyo had been reinvigorated. He’d remembered why he’d started playing. He’d found a new puzzle. He wanted to reinvent the game the way Sai had.

At the time Kouyo had felt he couldn’t do that while he was still in the league playing against the same traditionalist Go players. He now knows that if he had waited just a little bit longer the new wave of players would have trickled up to his level and in their wake the traditionalist would have had to reevaluate their own styles. If he had waited he would have been able to play Sai again. He would have been willingly schooled by that child with the sad eyes and the long hair and the easy smile should he have won again.

His third reason for being deliriously excited about Go was now gone.

Touya Kouyo didn’t know what to do with that.

Akira was having a fight with Shindou. That wasn’t unusual. His son could work himself into a snit over the most minor infractions of his rival. Akira’s problem was that he’d never had friends his own age, or wanted them. Nor had anyone his age been able to challenge him at Go. Akira knew how to lose gracefully to someone he thought should be better than him, but not someone who’d put in less effort than he to flourish and conquer. Shindou was both of the things Akira just wasn’t emotionally equipped to handle. Touya Kouyo wasn’t having it. Now was not the time to be pitching a tantrum. Sai existed somewhere, Shindou knew him and likely his whereabouts. Akira needed to get over it.

Of course, Touya Kouyo could say none of this. His and Akira’s relationship wasn’t one that spoke of feelings and the like. He and Akira spoke the language of Go; he couldn’t think of a metaphor that would get him the answers he sought from his son, and Akira was strangely unforthcoming. If was for that reason Touya Kouyo dropped Akira off at the Go Institute for one of his matches under some vague pretext he couldn’t remember now, and promptly went to see if he could garner a moment with Mr. Shinoda.

Touya Kouyo had been investigating Sai ever since he’d discovered his last name. All he’d discovered was a hospital address. Fujiwara Sai didn’t have family; he didn’t even have a Go master one could go see to ask after him. The sole reliable point of contact Kouyo had had to find Sai was Shindou Hikaru. Then, the other day he’d had a breakthrough when Ogata had said he’d overheard a student mention Sai would’t be returning to the institute. Maybe it was obvious, but this was the absolute last place Kouyo would have thought to look for Sai. Sai was already brilliant; the only time he should have been here was for the pro exam which was still a few months away. Still, with Akira being Akira about Shindou, this information couldn’t have come a more fortuitous time.

Kouyo turned down the hallway which would lead him to the director’s office and paused. Outside of Shinoda’s office stood Ogata beside Fujiwarano Midori. Kouyo frowned deeply. He had no idea what Ogata was saying but Fujiwarano, though shorter, seemed to be derisively looking down her nose at him. Kouyo moved towards them.

Author Babble
we are in the home stretch people. i've figured out how to wrap up all the loose ends in bow that will leave you satisfied yet disgruntled. it's the best i can do.

yes. i'm piecing it 1000 words at a time. again, i am a grad-school student. i am wiped out from all the essays and reading i'm required to do. i have Hoshi written down on what seems like fifty-billion pieces of paper, none of it chronological order. so yes, 1000 words at a time, as i have time to, between now and May 5, 2015. either way, on May 5th it is done. fo' reals this time.


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Jan. 16th, 2015 06:23 am (UTC)
You're awesome for picking this up again! God knows I almost never go back to finish fics, so I mean, I have to admire when other people do. And I really enjoyed this series back in the day, so I'm glad I'll get to see it done. Thank you for taking the time to do it!
May. 5th, 2015 11:45 pm (UTC)
>_< no, i'm really not awesome - if the amount of time it took to reply to this is any indication. i just really wanted this done while i have a chance to work on it or else i'd have had to take it down to stop all the questions i still get about this fic damn near a decade later (i am such a horrible person, why have you put up with me all these years?)
Jan. 29th, 2015 12:00 am (UTC)
This is awesome! I'm so glad that its back up!
May. 5th, 2015 11:46 pm (UTC)
hopefully i can bring closure this time too for you.
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