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Two Hundred?

your question is: ken where the (insert strong language here) have you been?

um. here's the thing. Sims 3. 'Nough said. visit my simblr. then got caught up in this horrible little fandom called Teen Wolf. you may have heard of it. my remorse is, huh, nonexistent honestly. though i acknowledge that i owe a HikaGo pic, quite possibly a finale for Hoshi, and the next chapter of TFoI (naruto edition). truthfully, only one out of the three of those will get done anytime soon.

On a Teen Wolf note though: [s03e14 Spoils]Thank GOD Braeden didn't die! Cause that Isaac/Allison thing? Ew. Just Ew. Scisaac fan here, but if i have to watch Isaac with anyone not Scott in the actual show Allison isn't even under consideration. Also, Scott with Kira? I am ridiculously okay with that. It has cute all over it.

and yes, i'm writing a fic for Teen Wolf because shows with glaring plot-holes, shit that makes no sense, and oozes wasted potential seem to be my Achilles Heel when it comes to fic ideas (like i don't have enough unfinished works already. hell).

Welcome to the New Year, y'all, where i have apparently resolved to be as honest as possible.