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[Orig '12] Dragon at the Bar 03

ugh. I was doing so well with the posting on time too T_T. If anyone is reading this, sorry about yesterday. My sibling decided to move in with us and completely skewed my writing schedule >_<.

©: Ken Black, all rights reserved.
Warnings: M/M, NC17
Beta: TJ, thank you!
Three Part Word Count: 9,527/11,600

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Part Three

Chavez woke when the sunbeams filtering into his room shone across his eyelids.

For a moment he was confused. There was no reason why sunshine would be blinding his eyes. He'd specifically placed those holes so that it wouldn't hit him in the face in the morning. He opened his eyes and realized what the problem was. His bed was larger and he was on the new side. That was curious, Chavez thought. Why would he enlarge his bed? He hated big beds. Chavez stretched and immediately regretted it. Twinges of pain exuded from his tail and down his legs. His thighs were especially sore. His ass felt raw, but it wasn’t an entirely painful kind of raw — it was one of remembered sensation. Good remembered sensation. And that's when Chavez recalled that he had brought home the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer had come into his house. The Dragonslayer had come in to him.

Chavez remembered that he had liked it.

But where was Ocean now?

True, the Dragonet didn't know him very well, but Ocean hadn’t struck him as the type to fly and then float off. Ocean was a nice guy, would never deliberately hurt somebody, or at least Chavez had gotten that impression. He didn't want to believe the Dragonslayer was that kind of person, but Ocean was gone. Ordinarily, nobody would be able to leave the cavern without Chavez's permission, but Chavez hadn't paid any attention to security last night. He’d left the secret opening to his home unlocked and visible and Ocean had left through it.


When Ocean had woken up from his nap he’d thoroughly fucked Chavez until they’d collapsed. It had been as though Ocean couldn't get enough. Chavez had felt like he was trying to save a fish from drowning. Or maybe that was just part of Ocean's charm. He said all the right things, and he did all the right things and he was gentle in and out of bed, but he was also fickle. What if that was why the Dragonslayer’s last mate had grounded him? Maybe Ocean had been too smooth and they’d finally gotten tired of it?

Noy jitat. That was just wishful thinking — Ocean’s last mate was obviously a few teeth short of a smile. One did not give up a nice guy over one fault that was annoying but not worth breaking it off.

The real question was why would a Dragon like Ocean want a Dragonet like Chavez anyway? Chavez was weak, he wasn't a very good conversationalist, besides being a mutt — even amongst Nomads — he was hardly interesting, and he wasn't fancy. He definitely wasn't any good in bed; Ocean had had to teach him so many things last night, things somebody his age should have already known. Perhaps Ocean had simply decided that he wasn't worth it after all. Chavez couldn’t really blame him. If he were somebody like Ocean, he definitely wouldn’t want someone like him either. The Dragonet had just gotten his nose up his tail because Ocean had decided on him and not those other two; but for all Chavez knew Ocean had chosen him because he was the lesser of two evils and not due to actual desire. Gingerly, Chavez threw his legs over the side of his much too large bed and stiffly made his way to the indoor circuitry room. He couldn’t lie in bed all day; he would soak in the tub for an hour or two, and then he would clean up his home before going to the market. Though the eve past he hadn’t made any progress on his jewelry, that didn’t mean he didn’t have other business to attend to in town. Thank everyOne that Ocean hadn’t asked for anything to eat because Chavez’s larder was empty.

The mud was warm and soothing to his abused muscles. Chavez unhappily dragged his fingers through it. Of course this would happen — the moment he got used to the idea of mating and actually doing it, the one person he didn't object to doing it with changed his mind. Perfect Gaffe had to be congratulating himself on a complete victory. A Perfect One’s practical joke or not, or maybe an error on Ocean's behalf, or if even just a foolish mistake that Chavez had made — Gaffe would never be able to top tricking Chavez into liking the Dragonslayer. Chavez leaned back and let his head loll against the rim in defeat.

A ripple of awareness skimmed the fringes of his mind. Someone probed the areas of the cavern that he had influenced with his magic, finding him and then mentally tapping. It was the equivalent of a knock, and it had the essence of Teyum in it. Chavez didn't know whether to be touched by that or not. On the one hand, this was all their fault, but on the other hand the sun had barely been up an hour and his family had already turned up to check on him. It was a time in the morning that no normal paramour would have crept out yet; Mollette would have been able to assess the damage and decide if said guest needed to be kicked around for negligence. Chavez sent a mental command to the door and allowed Mollette and Teyum to descend into his home.

A few moments later, they entered the circuit room, and Chavez was subjected to concerned scrutiny of his person before he was allowed to relax in his bath again. Teyum commandeered a seat on the toilet lid and Mollette slid to the floor beside the tub. Her brown eyes were flooded with relief that she hadn’t sent her cousin to his death no doubt, Chavez groused.

"Well, y’arna beggin’ a healer," Mollette stated. "Couldna been too much grief, ya?"

"So," Chavez answered but he wouldn't meet Mollette's eyes. It hadn’t been bad at all — it had been good, really good. While his tail probably wouldn’t forgive him if he repeated last night’s antics too soon, it still hurt to know he would never have the chance again, and that was all Mollette's fault. Well, maybe not all but the vast majority could definitely be put on her — he’d been happy with his ignorance.

"If it wasna no tragedy then why d’you look like Lancette just found you?" asked Teyum. He shifted on the toilet and earnestly looked down on Chavez. Well, if nothing else Teyum would take responsibility even if Molly didn’t; the Dragonet consoled himself with that thought.

He stirred the mud with a finger absently. "Me dinna think I fetch his eye," Chavez murmured.

"Blasphemy!" Molly exclaimed. "A body couldna not see how he eye-humped ya in the bar — he was completely flown."

"Mayhap he werena that flown," Chavez sulked.

"That aside,” Teyum interrupted before the cousins could get into a shouting match of semantics. “You arna physically distressed, the Slayer isna physically present, so then he couldna — I mean, you and he didna —"

"We did.” Chavez scowled darkly at the carefully molded copper spigot. “Is just . . . I dinna think he liked it."

Molly squinted at Chavez. "You aside, how does a man not like sex?" She shook her head in amazement. "There isna no way. He say something to that effect this morn?"

"No. He’d already gone by the time sleep left I."

"Doesna mean anythin’, then" Teyum said confidently. "Molly’d floated without a word after our first eve together, too. And I know she wasna unsatisfied."

"Prideful," Molly teased and playfully kicked Teyum's foot. "T’was the eve y’got dug up, remember?"

No, actually Chavez didn't remember, he could only recall waking up in absolute pain and hearing someone softly weeping apologies beside him in between his ragged screams for Molly to help him. Chavez closed his eyes and took a deep breath, willing his mind clear. He had good memories now, he didn't want to dwell on the bad ones. "Doesna change that he gone."

Mollette sucked her teeth. "Just means ya gonna gotta go chat at him. He give the location of his bed?"

"Down the road," Chavez answered.

"Settles it then" Teyum said. "If he didna like you, then he wouldna told you where he lived."

"That doesna make sight from eyes."

"Makes plenty sense — Stop being stubborn!" Teyum scowled. "Even just glidin’ the breeze at speak, if he wasna serious then he woulda been vague abot where his home were."

Chavez looked to Mollette for confirmation. She gave him a little nod, and a quirk of her mouth to let him know that she could find no fault in Teyum's logic. "Then," Mollette began, "all y’need to do now is get dressed an’ seek him."

"Will find you something to wear," Teyum offered, and then rose from the toilet lid to head off into Chavez's bedroom.

Mollette inched up the wall and grabbed a towel from its rack. She spread it between her arms and motioned for Chavez to stand up. "C’mon, no time like the present. The sooner we know the malady, the sooner we can heal it."

Chavez exhaled noisily, and stood up. He should've known better, he should always know better than to tell Mollette or Teyum anything about his love life. All they would do was force him to confront whatever was wrong and that just wasn't Chavez's way of doing things. The Dragonet wasn’t any good at impromptu, he liked plans. He liked knowing his script and just going up to Ocean to ask . . . To ask what?

“Dinna frown so,” Mollette commanded as she wrapped the towel around him. “Ya’re forgettin’ somethin’ important, here.”


“Ocean DragonSlayer didna harm ya, and y’need him.” Mollette turned Chavez to face her. “Me canna always be there and ya arna gonna find anyone more suited to defend ya if Lance discovers us again. Is fortune that his own seasons are likely hinderin’ his search, but Onarch is only so big and we’re runnin’ out o’coin fast, Cousin.”

“So ken,” Chavez mumbled, looking down at his freshly cleaned toes. He did know, he’d thought the same thing a few hours ago, and he didn’t have time for an extended pity party just because he’d woken up alone. Mollette and Teyum were right. He would seek the Dragonslayer out, allow Ocean to explain what he would, and if it was like his family said — just a misunderstanding — then great. If it wasn’t, however, Chavez would have to prepare himself to grovel for the Slayer to take him as a mate for the upcoming season.

The Dragonslayer had given apt directions to his house. It was about a mile and a half from Chavez’s burrow, where a lone tree and an open field juxtaposed the road. In the distance, Chavez could see two Dragons in their transformed state grappling amongst the overgrown grass. It wasn't difficult to discern which Dragon was Ocean, the Slayer was a hatchling compared to the other one. He stood a little less than seven feet tall, slim and agile, his blue scales with their dragonfly wing overlay winking in the early morning light. Chavez judged the other Dragon to be around eight feet. An impressive symphony of muscles rippled beneath green scales shimmering with a yellow, white, and lavender dusting. All of his movements were deliberate and fluid; even Chavez's untrained eye could see that the green Dragon was meticulously instructing the young Dragonslayer. As Chavez approached, the larger Dragon pinned Ocean and mocked ripping out his throat. Defeated, Ocean swatted away his sparring partner and together they shrank back into their Nomad bodies and snatched up Dragonshed cloaks from the ground to cover their nakedness.

Closer now, Chavez could pick out the clover amongst the older Dragon’s hair bobbing in the wind and deduced that he must be the legendary Clover DragonField, the most celebrated Slayer in the history of Dragonslaying. Clover DragonSlayer had excelled so much at his calling that he was brought back from the Skies of the Dead and given the name and vocation of DragonTrainer. If the stories were true, then he was also Ocean’s uncle. It was Clover to slap the Dragonslayer on the back and point to Chavez standing on the side of the road. Ocean immediately headed for him.

“Ahoy,” Chavez began shyly when Ocean was in range. He ducked his head as that cowardly voice sniveled again that Chavez was making a huge mistake — should have left well enough alone. They wouldn’t be doing themselves any favors if they alienated the Dragonslayer.

But Ocean greeted with that smile, captivating eyes sparkling, mesmerizing voice whispering, “Hoy. Why come y’here?”

It wasn’t an accusation, but by Gaffe, did Chavez feel like a stalker, Mollette’s approval or not. Showing up so soon probably made him look needy or unhinged and the Slayer was just too polite to say so. This conversation likely could have waited one more day, but too late now. The Dragonet squirmed uncomfortably. “M-Me, me wanted to know iffin I displeased ya last night. Iffin me wasna up to par then . . .”

Ocean frantically waved his hand in a cutting motion. “Na! Wasna nothin’. I —” Ocean blinked owlishly. “Why wouldya reason that?”

“Y’left, and there wasna . . . there werena no — Ocean. Y’dinna give any notice.” Chavez loudly expelled his breath in a release of anxiety and frustration. The Slayer looked just as distraught as he’d been feeling the last hour.

Ocean wiped sweat from his temple, blond-and-blue-streaked brows drawn, eyes on the ground, bottom lip pinned between his teeth as he absorbed what Chavez said. “Am beggin’ y’pardon then. When I arna in flight, Clova sets me curfew. I couldna tell ya afore y’slept and I dinna want to wake ya — y’were exhausted.” He lifted his head, earnest eyes meeting Chavez’s. “Swear I was gonna tag ya later.”

Chavez had no idea which Perfect One Ocean was swearing by, but that he wasn’t struck low for making the claim, it was irrefutably the truth. Ocean’d had to leave that morning because the Dragontrainer ordered it so, but he’d had every intention of meeting up with Chavez again sometime before the morrow. A little grin was playing about Chavez’s lips, his relief almost palpable though he had no idea why that confession pleased him to the degree it did.

“Eve passed was all right by ya, then?” He made an all-encompassing gesture at Chavez’s body.

“I be fine.”

“Good.” Ocean fidgeted, bare feet toeing the ground. “Then. As ya be here an’ all, was wonderin’ if — well hopin’ that ya arna agreed to anyone the next season.”

“For true?” the Dragonet queried with eyebrows up. It had been a decent walk to this clearing; Chavez had come fully prepared to state his case and beg Ocean to consider him when his flights started again and now he wouldn’t even have to.

“Aye.” Ocean scratched at the back of his neck, his face a study of embarrassment and cautious optimism. “I mean, we arna gonna make eggs or anythin’ obviously, and me season doesna start for a week or therabots, boot . . . I just arna ready to leave ya be yet. So?”

“So,” Chavez affirmed without hesitation.

An elated smile crossed Ocean’s mouth. He took the remaining steps between them and planted his lips on Chavez’s.

“He’s fancy, Ocean, boot y’can explore the inside of his tail later, ya?” Clover yelled from across the field, arms akimbo, the clover popping free of his braids fluttering in the breeze as Ocean took a hasty back step and contritely faced his uncle. “This isna the time for socializin’,” Clover pointed out.

The Dragonslayer turned back to Chavez, apology on his lips, but Chavez forestalled him with fingers brushing along the naked flesh at Ocean’s shoulder where his cape didn’t cover. “G’won,” he said. “I dinna mean to cause ya difficulty. Will look for ya this eve.”

“All right,” Ocean replied with a nod and that easy smile Chavez was coming to look forward to seeing.

The Dragonet headed toward the town with a skip in his step. He would hit the market to replenish his larder before going home. Then he would cook something nice for Ocean because the Slayer would likely be hungry after training all day. Chavez had no idea if Ocean ascribed to Fruitful Tree vegetarianism, but he would err on the side of caution just in case and buy a bunch of vegetables. Everything was finally going right; Chavez wouldn’t be the one to screw it up. If the day passed without issue then maybe, just maybe, Gaffe would think the Dragonet boring and finally turn his face from Chavez DragonetHill.

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Nov. 22nd, 2012 05:07 am (UTC)
Am definitely reading it again, and definitely understand fluidity of scheduling. ^_^
Nov. 25th, 2012 09:37 pm (UTC)
I know you are and i love you for it!
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