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[NaNoWriMo] Update

ok. i give. i can't do this.

not i can't write 50,000 words in a month. that's plenty doable, i'm guestimated halfway there and it's only been 11 days. for those of you thinking 'guess'. wait. shouldn't you know. well, technically, i know how i write and how many words average a page. for those of you now thinking 'wait. write? as in ink and dead trees? is this 1912? why didn't you type it? all very good questions, very reasonable. answer One. um, it's recycled paper, so it was already at least twice dead when i found it. that has to count for something. Two. i have severe goldfish syndrome when it comes to computers. i mean, if i'd sat down to type tFoi first it would not get done. i mean, i'd watch NetFlix, play Mah-Jong and Sims, read webcomics, stare aimlessly at the screen, hit up Amazon and make up things i can't live without . . . trust me, it's not good for productivity or my wallet. thus, i hand write and then read the results to my computer who will then type it for me. dictation software: best present ever.

but back to what i can't do. I can't write on a deadline. i tried to do the whole boundaries thing. schedule. time limit. can't. it's driving me psychotic. and i also just don't feel good about subjecting you to my horrendous punctuation mistakes.

in conclusion, you will get tFoi properly beta'd like i'd prefer, in larger chunks, and unlocked as it is dictated and corrected until it is complete. tune in saturday for the next installment of Dragon at the Bar.