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[Orig] The Fall of Icarus Notes

Consider this the answers post for the original version of The Fall of Icarus. Figured it was easiest to keep everything in one updating spot instead of random notes throughout chapters.

Note: If you cannot see pictures, then you are not friended.


All Realms begin when the Breath of Vai, the great mother goddess, enters an enclosed space and all the particles within that space compress. When there is enough of Her Breath within the world She places living things on it and Breathes life into them. For these new worlds’ government She allows Her children, the Vaisyn, to set themselves up as Gods of the Four Corners of that Realm. Unless something dire should happen, there is always a northern, southern, eastern, and western Vaisyn.

Eyalus Map and Citizens:

The Realm of Eyalus

The Story:

The Qyn'Qyu-Ron(Conquerers)and the N'arsh N'ton (Northington) used to live on Qyn in perfect harmony. Vai saw the Qynians' commitment to peace and kissed both races with a few of her powers as a reward. Unfortunately, the blessing went to the heads of the Qyn'Qyu-Ron. They decided that there only needed to be one race blessed by the Mother in any of the Realms — and it would be them. So they began to exterminate the N'arsh and any other beings who had Vai's favor. Vai was pissed. And that's how the Pegasus War started.

The Gods:

Called Vaisyn. Vai’s children, whose duty is to rule the Realms but they usually just end up quarreling. Though names and personalities differ from Realm to Realm, the basic functions of what they advocate are the same.

Northern Vaisyn: duty, life, patience, balance and calm.
Eastern Vaisyn: happiness, peace, warmth, growth and prosperity
News Vaisyn: impartiality, seek to restore the natural order of things
Southern Vaisyn: defeat, death, war, cold, and knowledge
Western Vaisyn: destruction, innovation, art, chaos, and oblivion

Vaisyn of Eyalus:
Phransus AetherNorth (FRAN sus)
Ellus AetherEast
Genesus AetherNews
Atlus AetherSouth
Syrus AetherWest (Sigh rus)

Marriage in the Realms amongst Humans:
Called Banding. There are 5 types of banding and you go through your patron deity for the title. For example, this is Eyalus and the deity of the West is Syrus. So a marriage/banding through her would be called a "Syrban".

1. North - between man and woman - Phranban
2. East - between same sex couples - Elban
3. South - between warriors or scholars - Atluban
4. West - we won't get into that one, but it's usually some cult-sh*t-creepiness - Syrban
5. Vai Band - it's an exchange of breath which combines your breathing with your partner's. In the Realms there is nothing higher or more sacred than giving your Breath away because that is what the mother goddess does. It's a divine bond that can't be broken and that you can only do twice (because most beings only have two lungs). - Vaiban


Gesica ascribes to the belief of 2 grand gods, Vai and Bei.

Bei (Bay): Being which exists in the Realm of Eyalus; “The Air Less”. The Anti-Vai brought to life through stories and children’s fears of a god as powerful as the mother who steals Her Breath from your lungs if you’re bad. Bei replaces Vai’s Breath with liquid. He exists as a creature – a god – who opposes the Mother’s peaceful approach to the government of her children and the beings she creates.

That being said, the disease one gets from Bei and his minions is called aerostasis.

Beisyn: children of Bei who seek to do their father's bidding and negate the work of the Vaisyn. They are named Demetri, Omri, Zacari, and Rouri.

Beile (bile): Minions of Bei who drag drowned souls to Bei’s afterworld. They are the Anti-Vaille.

Bein (bane): Minions of Bei who can spread Anti-Breath disease, pestilence, and their genetics – usually through force -- to Gesica. Their drippings are considered highly addictive. They are the Anti-Vainessa

Aerostasis: Crippling disease that causes one’s lungs to reject Vai’s Breath and fill with water and bile. The victim drowns. Usually affects the very young and is lethal.

The witches of Bokrit, who warned that this belief in Bei could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, are trying to contain the spread of this god, but are having limited luck.

N'arsh N'ton (NAY arsh oohn Ton): In the N'arsh language apostrophes indicated syllables. If a consonant is followed by a vowel then the vowel is always long. If a consonant is followed by another consonant then the first is muted, more like a hum of the sound the letter makes.

N'arsh N'ton Castes:
- Dealer - merchant caste.
- Breeder - domestic caste.
- Pillar - spiritual caste. Led by the Aeth'ra. Kind of like the government, but kind of not.
- Cellar - servant caste (read slave).
- Trader - warrior caste. Even though everyone is trained to fight (to a certain extent), this caste functions like their military. They're called Trader N'arsh because they trade off fighting attributes into Offense and Defense.

*Before the Pegasus War the N'arsh N'ton didn't have castes.

Khaleon speak:
Magda - mother
Dayda - father

This page is nowhere near complete, be sure to check back with each new chapter of tFoi.


( 4 comments — Leave a comment )
Nov. 15th, 2012 04:34 am (UTC)
Always helpful. ^_^ Also, thought I should point out that the header of the banding notes need updating from Onoker to Eyalus.

Since I don't think I've ever asked, either - 'news' obviously is north-east-west-south, making this Vaisyn a sort of central figure? This and City Queens are the only Realms that have such, right? Is there anything specific that causes this fifth Vaisyn, and/or anything specific they advocate?

Aaand, does the 'syr' of Syrus rhyme with ear or ire?
Nov. 15th, 2012 09:09 pm (UTC)
whoops! fixed now. and added a few missing points.

Since I don't think I've ever asked, either - 'news' obviously is north-east-west-south, making this Vaisyn a sort of central figure?

that you have not asked,no. News Vaisyn are important because they can function as any of the other Vaisyn, or maintain a balance between everyone. They're kind of like a referee, i guess, is the easiest translation. City Queens and Eyalus are the only Realms with one, yes.

Is there anything specific that causes this fifth Vaisyn?

oh, hell yes. if there is a News Vaisyn then something is horrendously f*cked-up in the Realm and the normal 4 Vaisyn either caused it, or refuse to fix it, or can't fix it, or all the above. in Eyalus, there is this emergence of Bei going on, East Ellus is acting like a Southern Vaisyn. North Phransus is kind of siding with Bei because a North Vaisyn's job is balance, and technically, if you have an Air Mother then an Anti-Air Father is balanced. and South Atlus, of course, is totally engrossed in the Pegasus War and not paying attention to anything else. so, a Vaisyn who has no agenda besides 'fix it and make sure it stays fixed' had to be created.

does the 'syr' of Syrus rhyme with ear or ire?

in his name it's ire, so it would be Sire-us or Sigh-rus, i use the second one more, myself. and in the band it would be the ear. so one would be 'married' under Syrus as a 'sear-ban' because it's more phonetically pleasing.
Nov. 16th, 2012 02:29 am (UTC)
Mm, okay, that does make sense. So now I wonder - since you didn't mention Syrus in that brief run-down, and since the attributes of a Western Vaisyn include things like chaos, destruction and oblivion: Does he have anything to do with the Pegasus War and/or the state of affairs in the Realm?
Nov. 18th, 2012 10:41 pm (UTC)
Syrus does not follow the usual Western Vaisyn agenda. most WV's live for the chaos and destruction and ignore the other side of their existence which is innovation (sometimes read: rebellion) and art. WV's also cover destruction of old establishments through new ideas because there is more than one way to destroy something. So, Syrus isn't really following the war portion, he's more interested in individuals like Ithan who want to revolutionize their society or their place in the Realm.
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