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[Orig] Wish Notes

[Updated : July 06, 2012] Updated the Glossary.

Consider this the answers post. Figured it was easiest to keep everything in one updating spot instead of random notes throughout chapters. *Note* If you cannot see pictures, you are not friended.

The Realm of Onoker and all related media are © e. N. Black. Do not redistribute without express permission.


All Realms begin when the Breath of Vai, the great mother goddess, enters an enclosed space and all the particles within that space compress. When there is enough of Her Breath within the world She places living things on it and Breathes life into them. For these new worlds’ government She allows Her children, the Vaisyn, to set themselves up as Gods of the Four Corners of that Realm. Unless something dire should happen, there is always a northern, southern, eastern, and western Vaisyn.

Onoker Map and Citizens:

The Realm of Onoker

The Realm of Onoker is where this story begins. It is home to three known continents floating within the Armanan and Aquaerius Oceans. There are five different races. On the non-magical Continent of Onarch in the far West, within seven different countries, resides the Humans and the Vaille. Human is a race that can’t naturally use magic and won’t live longer than one hundred years. They are the primary worshipers of the Vaisyn and marry—called banding—in one of the Vaisyns’ names. The Vaille is a bird-like race created by Vai to lead souls to the Realm of the Dead.

In the East, on the Continent of Nomadia, lives the Nomads and the Dragons. Their origins have always been shrouded in mystery. Their deities are called the Seven Perfect Ones. A Nomads' appearance and magic is based on whichever of the eight Colonies they are born to. They love options, travel, and trade. The Dragon race, called Dragon-blooded, look and act much like normal Nomads, but they have two forms, and in some cases, two different genders depending on which form they’re in. Nomads and Dragons live a long time. Nobody knows how long for either race, but a Dragon can only be killed by another Dragon.

*Note* If you're looking at Nomadia right now confused as hell, and one of your thoughts is 'are those trees growing out of the ocean?' that answer is yes, yes they are. Know that you are not imagining it, you are not crazy — I am (or at least my twelve year old self was when I drew this). Nomadia is supposed to be weird.

Lastly, in the middle of Onarch and Nomadia, is the far southern Continent of Kernantz. Within its four countries, live the Humans and the Djinn. The Djinn live exclusively in the desert country of Peyirzha in tribes, preferring not to travel or bring attention to themselves. They are distinguishable by their pointy ears, brown skin, and hair and eyes that are only the colors found in fire. There are four different classes of Djinn, each more powerful than the last -- Ginōt, í’Efrahim, Megyut, and Shetar. Due to their ability to grant Wishes they are often hunted down by Humans using powerful Sight spells and Bound in Service via a Contract to some master until the terms written on the Contract are fulfilled. The more powerful the Djinni the greater the Wish, but there are rules and consequences for each Wish granted.

The Gods:

Called Vaisyn. Vai’s children, whose duty is to rule the Realms but they usually just end up quarreling. Though names and personalities differ from Realm to Realm, the basic functions of what they advocate are the same.

Northern Vaisyn: duty, life, patience, balance and calm.
Eastern Vaisyn: happiness, peace, warmth, growth and prosperity
Southern Vaisyn: defeat, death, war, cold, and knowledge
Western Vaisyn: destruction, innovation, art, chaos, and oblivion

Vaisyn of Onoker:
Onuya North (OHN yuu ah)
Davidya East (duh vid jah)
Vakiya West (VAHK ya)
Xakkiya South (zah KEE ya)

Marriage in the Realms amongst Humans:
Called Banding. There are 5 types of banding and you go through your patron deity for the title. For example, this is Onoker and the deity of the West is Vakiya. So a marriage/banding through her would be called a "Vakban".

1. North - between man and woman - Onban
2. East - between same sex couples - Daviban
3. South - between warriors or scholars - Xakkiban
4. West - we won't get into that one, but it's usually some cult-sh*t-creepiness - Vakban
5. Vai Band - it's an exchange of breath which combines your breathing with your partner's. In the Realms there is nothing higher or more sacred than giving your Breath away because that is what the mother goddess does. It's a divine bond that can't be broken and that you can only do twice (because most beings only have two lungs). - Vaiban


- Speak Peyirzhan -
Emma: mother
Padma: father
Simba: sibling
Peynix: Pietersite
Jihinistad: what the Djinn call Peyirzha
genie: currency of the Djinn

That's all for now. If there is anything else I need to explain/elaborate on, please let me know.


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Jul. 6th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
Oh this works really well and helps clear up quite a bit. I can't wait until the next bit is posted.
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