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[Naruto Art] Bath Scene Redux

Bath Scene Redux
By: Ken
Complete: 06.25.2012
Pairing: ChouShika
Character(s): Akimichi Chouji & Nara Shikamaru © Kishimoto Masashi
Warnings: NSFW due to suggested nudity (they're at the bath, duh!), but completely innocent
Bath Scene Redux

~ Critique with Omoi ~

Omoi: *takes a moment to appreciate the lack of carnality* Well. This is a change, but then you don't have too many more ChouShika pieces left, right?

ken: *shrugs* two plus the colored version of Potent. s'all for them.

Omoi: *gestures to go on* Then?

ken: *sighs* then 1 GaiKaka, 1 GaaNaru (for Fan Day), 1 KankuSai, 1 KankuSori, 4 NejiNaru, 3 SasuSui, and 1 ShinTokuma. do we have to talk about this further—it's really depressing.

Omoi: Nope. Just wanted to see you mope. About this picture, it was drawn in response to the disappointing bath layout Kishimoto put out last year. Y'know, the one that had Chouji looking like he was flashing Shino, and the dog was in the tub but Chouji wasn't? Yeah. When it was drawn, this pic was a line with Chouji and Shikamaru on either side of it. Ken has found that he's better at adding backgrounds after the fact than including them with in the first place. This is why sometimes you get just a color frame, and sometimes you get scenery. When I asked what he like about the picture, he said 'the water'. When asked for a dislike, he said he had 'no complaints, turned out much nicer than expected'. *shrugs* I've seen the original, it's true.

- End.


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Jun. 26th, 2012 06:57 am (UTC)
Wow. I mean really, wow. The background makes this so...full-bodied. It really turned out nice! The water is lovely - you should be proud - and I like the...the...I don't know, the sense of light and shadow about it? Like, the 'window' spaces in the background look lamplit, the dark of the wood implies shadow, and all together it ends up with a very 'cozy' warm-and-intimate kind of feel. I'm impressed. ^_^ It's cohesive and soothing and tranquil. And I still love the way that they look at each other. ♥

The only thing I might critique is the vivid color in Chouji's lips, but I hesitate to remark on it at all because it might be a trick of the monitor. Has happened before, y'know. ^_^

You're really cranking through these, too, and I'm enjoying the chance to revisit the new versions. I know it's kind of a big pile, but at the rate you're going you'll be done with them in no time. I can't wait to see how all the rest of them turn out.

Oh, and also, once you've finished all the Chouji-solo and ChouShika pics, if it's alright with you I'll drop a cumulative post pointing to them all on the ShikaChou comm. I know it seems like no one ever pays attention, but...you never know.
Jun. 27th, 2012 02:58 am (UTC)
y'know, i really can't take full credit for the background because it's the same as the original Kishimoto drew. thing is, with the way he colors and how hectic the composition was, you just couldn't appreciate the actual setting.

Chouji and Shikamaru's lips are over-bright. i actually used a pale pinkish-neutral for Chouji and a light peach-nude color for Shikamaru but i do faces first, y'know before my arm gets tired and detail work becomes impossible. so. by the end of the picture i have to color level it because pastels are fade-y/washed-out looking, and in this case it made their lips stand out way more than they're supposed to. but i deemed it 'not that bad' on both my monitors and 'too much trouble' to fix/redo.

you have my go ahead for mass-post whenever i'm done ^_^ d. you're right, improbable, but maybe somebody else will like them.
Jun. 28th, 2012 06:12 am (UTC)
Re: The background: I still think you did it better. Warmer. ^_^

Re: Color, detail work and fatigue: Ah, I see. Makes sense. Gotta do what works. ^_^
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