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[GW FIC] Book Lovers : Letter F of F

BOOK LOVERS | by: e.N Black
Word Count Total: 11,347 | Complete: 12.28.2001
Pairings: mainly 2x5, 2x3, and A LOT
Disclaimer: e.N. Black does not own the rights to Gundam Wing.
Comments: For Lottery Fic visitor 2910, Amai Noa Izumi

Letter: F

Hilde Sheibeiker held up her thumb in irritation as yet another taxi passed her and sent a fine sheen of mud and sewer water onto her waitress' uniform in the process. "Dammit! Long nosed asshole if these stains don't come out don't think I won't hunt you down and make you pay for another one!" Her hand balled into a fist and shook menacingly. It just wasn't a good day. First she'd dropped an entire platter of spaghetti on some poor lout's head. Admittedly it was done on purpous because he couldn't keep his hands to himself, but Hilde considered that irrelevent. She'd done an excellent job of making it appear to be an accident and all the other waitresses did cheer for it was kind of unnerving to have your butt pinched by a mechanical hand. Well that wasn't so bad perhaps, but dropping those dishes earlier would put a definite dent in her much-needed paycheck. Her feet were sorer today than usual, her back was in definite turmoil over how to function, the jerk with the taxi hadn't exactly made it better either.

Dejectedly Hilde held up her thumb again and was quite surprised when a taxi coasted to the side of the road. A smiling face, framed by dark blonde hair beamed up at her. Blue eyes glowing at her decidedly made Hilde feel ten times better than before. The pink décor of the interior of the vehicle did wonders for her mood also. Smiling back at the blond woman Hilde climbed into the car.

"Rough day?" The driver asked as she peered into the rearview mirror.

Hilde nodded, "Yeah. I just want to find a nice library, but I know the last one closed down and the university's closes at five." She sighed.

The driver nodded sympathetically. "I tell you what, I'm Relena, and I was just on my way to the opening of this new bookstore, Book Lovers I think, anyhow I'll take you there free of charge and then afterward take you home okay?"

Hilde's smile was radiant.

Miliardo Peacecraft yawned as he sat back in a taxicab on his way to a hotel for the next three days. Jet lag was going to be a real bitch, he could tell already. Briefly he considered staying with his sister but then frowned at the idea. Relena had a deplorable sense of decorating and three days of pink walls would definitely drive him crazy. He checked into the hotel and was on his way to his room when he happened to glimpse the short Japanese guy from the flight, in his hand was a newspaper vice the the laptop. Sleep bedamned Miliardo quickly chucked his duffel bag into his room after a few seconds of fighting with the keycard and hurried out of the establishment after him.

Miliardo was somewhat surprised to find himself before a bookstore.

Quatre eyed the board tacked up with all kinds of pictures and statements curiously. He supposed Book Lovers' owner truly was going through the effort to make sure you never read alone. His own picture was tacked up next to another blonde, she was kind of pretty he allowed. Not really his type he supposed, but they did both like fairy tale endings. Quatre bit his lip as he deliberated, perhaps he would seek her out. He glanced at the picture again, then around the establishment. His eyes alighted on a young woman in the futuristic romance section reading the back of what looked to be a Dara Joy novel, Rejar, the second book in the trilogy. Resolved, Quatre headed over, smiling in reponse to Chris Marley's slightly startled expression once he'd tapped her on the shoulder.

Lucrezia Noin frowned as the police siren sounded behind her. Obediently she pulled to the curve as she checked her speed. She hadn't been going over the limit so what was the problem. Slightly irritated at the delay she dug around in her purse for her license and then rolled down the window.

She was slightly surprised to find herself peering into blue eyes that she knew too well, and then kissed by chapsticked lips. Finding her voice Lucrezia growled, "Sally you ass, you scared me, I thought you were on duty tonight!"

Sally Po grinned at her lover as she replied. "I got off early for good behaviour."

Lucrezia growled some more. "Why'd you pull me over then?"

Blue eyes treated her to a once over. "Grand theft," she stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Noin blinked at her stupidly. "You stole my heart, woman," the blonde clarified. The brunnette blinked again.

"Oh, sorry . . ."

"You're not suppose to apologize. Geez, I'm suppose to be the idiot here remember?" Sally sighed before resuming the conversation. "Follow me okay. I heard of this great bookstore in the office, and I know you love to read."

The "Red Cancer" and "Blue Thunder" of the football field had no problem with confessing that they'd found Book Lovers by accident. Would even own up to writing an excellent paper, and even putting together a stunning visual aid for their English class. However it would be awhile before they admitted to having their pictures and statements tacked up on the The Lovers' Board. It would be an even longer time before they even acknowledged that maybe they liked each other as more than teammates. They'd even vowed to pretend that Mueller didn't unconsciously push Alex's blonde hair behind his ear when it had fallen into his face. At least for awhile. A good long while.

"Midii! Midii guess what!" Lady ran into her younger sister's room with nary a knock. She was somewhat stunned to see Midii entangled with a sleeping Chinese woman sporting an arm in new plaster. "I thought you didn't bring your patients home?" Lady murmured.

Midii waved it off as irrelevent. "What did you want to tell me?"

Lady stuttered a moment. "Umm . . . I met someone," she replied in a conspiratory whisper.

Midii's eyes widened considerably. "Really? Well . . . when did this happen?"

"Today, on my way to this new bookstore, and he was so charming and he even held my hand!"

The younger Une sister blinked repeatedly as she processed all that Lady was telling her. "Well did he ask you out?"

Lady bit her lip in consternation. "Umm, no. He asked the librarian out, but . . ." She shuffled uncomfortably on white tennis-shoed feet. "Do you think I'm pretty, Midii? I mean the librarian was, wow . . . he was . . . well he looks a lot like her." Lady pointed at her sister's bed companion before lowering her hand in shame, it wasn't polite to point after all.

Midii stared at her terribly plain sister from the nose down; meeting those thrice-magnified eyes was really painful. Finally she nodded. "Yes very pretty actually, you just need a make-over." She proposed. "And then maybe this guy won't turn you down for another guy . . ." Midii Une bit her lip as her sister beamed at her, wishing she could pluck the Fairy Godmother from the pages of the Cinderella story, her work was not cut out for her.

Catherine Bloom walked down Nataku Street in search of this illustrious brothel of which her brother's boyfriend had spoken of the night previous. Little did she know that the rider she'd mentioned on the aforementioned night would come flaming into her life once more. Catherine barely stopped herself from drooling all over the sidewalk as the rider blazed by and parked just a few feet from her before the book store. Upon parking her bike, she pulled her helmet from her head and shook long blonde hair loose. She turned, having noticed her audience, and raised one horribly forked eyebrow.

Taking in the skintight leather costume the woman wore Catherine was only certain of one thing. She was in love.

Chang Wufei hummed as he washed dishes, Duo noted. It wasn't a bad sound either, unexpected but not unwelcoming. He'd been on his way into the kitchen to wash his dirty hands but . . . A change of plan was in order, and he hadn't harrassed his boss in a while, and those pristine white pants were just too much to ignore.

"Oh my, Wufei, what did you do to yourself?" Trowa wondered as he entered the kitchen a few minutes later.

Still indignant about Duo's previous behaviour Wufei merely snarled, "What are you talking about?"

"The soot on your ass," Trowa clarified.

Wufei's brows raised. "What?" He was then dragged to his bedroom and turned around in the mirror so he could see his derriere.

"A definite Duo Handprint, he gives 'em to me all the time."

"What? How in the hell do you know if it's a 'Duo Handprint?'"

Trowa easily fitted his hand over the imprint. "The thumb rests comfortably on the outside of the buttock, just enough for a quick squeeze, while the pinky curves toward the crack in invitation and the remaining three fingers cup the bottom.

Wufei glared at Trowa over his shoulder. "He did all of that inside of half a second?"

His bestfriend beamed. "Told you he was talented."

"I'm going to kill him," the Chinese man stated, a serious glare upon his contenance. In doing that particular gesture Duo had unwittingly triggered unwanted memories of Solo and his obsession with putting blue paint on some part of this clothing or anatomy.

"Don't be like that, Wufei, he's just playing. And you won't have time to kill him tonight you have a date with the owner of the Daily News right?"

Wufei nodded, his glare melting into a smile at the thought of Treize, suit pressed, no paint, no sawdust, tailored, elegant, considerate. What would he wear?

Trowa swore loud and long as he peered into his car to see what he'd already confirmed upon checking his pockets three times. The keys dangled in the ignition winking in the streetlight and his doors, all four of them just had to be locked this one time. And if that weren't enough, he had company, a lot of company.

Low whistles circled around him as the gang encroached. Mohawks of every color clashed, tattoos, gold teeth, leather and jean jackets with the sleeves ripped off of them assaulted Trowa's jade eyes. He winced, knowing it they were probably good kids just needing to prove their independence, but dammit, couldn't they have chosen another night? Setting his briefcase down, Trowa balled his fists and moved away from his car, he'd be damned if they trashed it, it was a gift from an old boyfriend that was a new car salesman afterall.

"Damn," who Trowa supposed was the leader hissed. "You sure are pretty . . ."

It seemed he was the brain of the group also, for the other five promptly began salivating in agreement.

Fuck, Trowa thought, raised his fists and swung at the leader who he deemed to have gotten too close.

He'd floored three of them when he realized that the other three were laid out also. Standing in the midst of them was a tall man in a trenchcoat cradling his arm, blood trickled down from his nostrils, but he offered a small smile as he slowly approached favoring an ankle. "You alright?" he queried. With the hurt arm he raised a cool hand to Trowa's face, running it over the purpling bruise under and around his eye.

Blood flowed from Trowa's lip and he knew there'd be a few bruises over his ribs in the morning, but he nodded anyway. "Yeah thanks. You?"

"Been better." His attention swung toward the car. "Yours?"

"Locked myself out," Trowa answered sheepishly. Somehow it didn't surprise him when the mystery man that had saved his life, checked one of the unconcious bodies of the gang members to pull out the tool needed to unlock his car. "So . . . what's your name," Trowa began in a conversational tone. Damn but the man did have that mystery thing down pat, and was oh so gorgeous even with blood draining from his nose.

The wanderer's smile widened a moment. "Ralph . . . Ralph Kurt. Nice to meet you."

Admittedly, and Duo was loathed to admit anything even remotely resembling a compliment to his anal-retentive boss, but tonight he looked good. Wufei was dressed in silk of some type of Chinese styled suit, with his hair loose, and those dark eyes expressing such happiness. Duo rolled his eyes. He didn't know what this Treize guy saw in him, he was spoiled and irritating, and prejudiced and shallow. He was really cute when his nose wrinkled up in distaste, but rotten to be around for a prolonged period of time, and he did not just think that his boss was cute, because he wasn't in any way, shape, or form. Wufei was stuck up, and obsessed with cleanliness and especially sexy when came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a bath towel wrapped low on the hips and glistening water droplets on his bronzed skin . . .

Duo treated himself to a mental shake. He did not like his boss, period. However he couldn't help but touch the tender skin around his eye that hadn't turned all the colors it was suppose to before healing. It was a gift from Trowa that he was to pass on to his brother, Solo, when next he saw him. And what had that meant exactly. Trowa had adored Solo until just recently. Duo was even going to have him come over and do some interior decoration, Wufei's fashion sense was on the drab and sterile side afterall. Trowa had told him to go right ahead at the stake of his life. When asked about the sudden change of attitude he'd been informed that Trowa had promised Wufei that he wouldn't tell. Now what did his cranky as hell boss have to do with his fun-loving brother who had once mentioned dating a . . . Duo blinked as it all suddenly made perfect sense.

With no invitation whatsoever, Duo waltzed into Wufei's room and asked, "Did you date my brother?"

"What?" the Chinese man demanded. He sat on his bed slipping on the matching shoes to his outfit. He was too used to Duo's rudeness to be truly angry at the interruption; his door was open after all.

"Solo Maxwell," Duo elucidated.

Wufei's onyx eyes narrowed. "Did Trowa tell you," he charged, rising from his seat on the bed. Duo was a full head taller than him but one wouldn't know that from the intimidating stance the smaller man had taken.

Duo quickly shook his head. "No, Solo mentioned someone with your name before . . ."

Wufei put his hands over his ears and shook his head. "I don't want to hear it, I have a date that I'm going to be happy on. With a guy that doesn't wear the same shirt everyday because it gives him inspiration. And manicured hands that won't remind me of . . ." Wufei broke off and glowered at the red plaid shirt Duo had yet to take off. He removed his hands from his ears and calmly stated, "I am not discussing my love-life with you."

The cold Wufei had returned, but Duo had seen enough, there was another one in there somewhere, one that probably been a hell of an artist at one time. "Fine," Duo allowed. On the first floor the bell above the store's door sounded and Wufei turned away from Duo to slip on the other shoe and grab a rubberband for his hair. Wearing it down just didn't seem like a great idea at the moment.

"I'm going, Treize shouldn't be kept waiting. It's a real bitch to wait for something that doesn't happen." Wufei turned back around for inspection. "How do I look?"

It was a tiny change, Duo realized, small but so vast. "Beautiful," the handyman stated simply. He moved to the bed to hand Wufei his jacket, which was accepted gracefully. "Remember, there's no sex in the champagne room," he replied almost jokingly, but there was a hint of seriousness.

"There will be if I say so," Wufei rejoined in the same tone, but there was none of the usual malice implied.

As Wufei went down the stairs to his date, Duo smiled. He was definitely fucking his brother up the next time he saw him.

Trowa silently entered the room and slipped his arms around Duo. He placed a kiss to his neck and whispered. "One more time," knowing it would be the last, having witnessed the scene between his bestfriend and boyfriend.

Duo kissed Trowa's unbruised temple. "You're hurt," he stated.

Trowa shrugged and dragged Duo to their room.

Duo was awake, showered, and reclining in Wufei's bed when the Chinese man returned home. Without a fuss Wufei kicked off his shoes and jacket and climbed into bed with him, easily snuggling close to him, loving the muscles beneath his hands. That was one thing Solo didn't have, he'd been on the skinny, scrawny side.

He'd been halfway into the date with Treize when he'd realized that he didn't want a guy that would hold the door open for him, and eat every meal with the correct spoon or fork. And that maybe clothing could be worn repeatedly if the person looked disgustingly gorgeous in them. And perhaps having someone tell him he looked beautiful vice magnificent had its perks. And that it was definitely an asset to have someone around that could fix his house free of charge, and it didn't hurt that he was good-looking either.

"I'm not him you know," Duo began after a few minutes of silence between them.

Wufei nodded against a pectoral. "I'm sorry . . ."

"Forget it. Trowa told me what happened. How long did you wait?"

"Six months, probably would have been longer, but I met Trowa . . ."

"With the manicured hands and studying a different field of art, right?" Duo finished. Wufei nodded again feeling his face heat with embarrassment.

"I feel so stupid."

Duo stroked his black hair in an offer of comfort. "Don't. I understand. Wufei . . ."


"I'd never leave you voluntarily."

Wufei blinked in surprize. Has Duo been rethinking his impression of me also? he thought. "What about Trowa?"

"He told me just a few hours ago that he may have fallen for that guy that saved him."

Wufei groaned melodramatically, "Dammit, Ralph lives on the street. Trowa really does have distressing taste in men . . ."

"Just terrible," Duo agreed as he bit back a smile.

"I suppose if Trowa likes him I'll have to offer him a room here . . ."

"It could be worse," Duo lamented.


"It could be me," was the answer.

Wufei laughed and leaned up to kiss Duo softly on the lips . . .

In the morning he would agree with Trowa. Duo really was a good fuck.

And on Treize's next visit to Book Lovers he would notice a stunning woman with beautiful brown eyes that made him dizzy for an entirely different reason.

And they all lived happily ever after reading books at the only brothel . . . I mean bookstore in all of the small town that wanted to be a city, on Nataku Street, Book Lovers. This ending does not of course apply to one Solo Maxwell who did indeed get fucked up by Duo Maxwell when he returned home a few months later with his fiance, Chang Wufei.

The End.