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[GW FIC] Book Lovers : Letter E of F

BOOK LOVERS | by: e.N Black
Word Count Total: 11,347 | Complete: 12.28.2001
Pairings: mainly 2x5, 2x3, and A LOT
Disclaimer: e.N. Black does not own the rights to Gundam Wing.
Comments: For Lottery Fic visitor 2910, Amai Noa Izumi

Letter: E

Wufei breathed heavily as Trowa did before they both nodded at each other. "One more time," Wufei huffed.

"Alright. Ready one, two . . ." He shifted the heavy load in his hands so as not to let it slip. "Three, lift!" One stumble and two Herculean efforts later the box of clothing and other paraphenalia was up the stairs and the two movers were laid out flat on the second story floor.

"Where's your muscle-bound idiot at when we need him," the Chinese man growled.

"Helping Catherine move in," Trowa answered. He shifted on his back and attempted to stretch the kinks out of his arms. "He's definitely massaging this."

"I suppose he would have a use that way . . ." Wufei conceded after attempting to work the kinks out of his own back by squirming on the floor.

Trowa merely smiled. "I'm willing to share this one time," he offered after some thought.

Wufei shook his head vehemently. "That scoundrel will keep his hands to himself."

"Oh hell, not this again!"

"Please stand here, and I'll have you taken care of in a minute" Wufei instructed absently as he added yet another role of film to his camera. In hindsight he realized he should have had everyone who wanted to be match made make an appointment, but admittedly he hadn't been thinking at the time.

"Need help?" a charming voice that the librarian had heard once before offered. Wufei glanced up from his camera in disbelief. However, those compelling blue eyes were there, and those full lips were turned upward in a smile.

Slightly flustered Wufei declined, "that's okay, I got it really, Mr. ---"

"Just call me Treize," the man murmured.

Wufei nodded somewhat stupidly in his humble opinion. "Okay . . . Treize." He took a small inconspicuous breath to calm his nerves, wondering what the hell was wrong with him to react this way. "Sooo, are you looking for someone in particular to umm read with?" he queried as he readied the equipment, held the lens to his eye and placed his hand to the button. Wufei noted that Treize was extremely camera friendly as he took the shot.

The sleek businessman shook his head. "Actually, I'm not too particular, but it wouldn't hurt if the person were partial to the classics, romance, and the occasional tragedy. Not all of life is happy afterall."

"Exactly," Wufei agreed. He scrawled down what Treize had just stated and tacked it to the board with the other participants' pictures and statements. Treize came up behind perusing the other photographs with Wufei.

"How come you aren't tacked up here?" he began conversationally.

Wufei fought a blush, "Ummm," he answered intelligently.

"Are you taken?" Treize prompted smoothly.

"Well . . . no actually," Wufei admitted the blush no longer contained.

Treize smiled at that. "So, if I invited you out, you don't really have a reason to say no unless of course you're just not interested correct?"

"How about you ask me, and then receive the answer," the Chinese man proposed. He met Treize's eyes squarely, all traces of his previous blush, and shy manner eradicated. Apparently he'd become accustomed to Treize's forever charming manner very quickly.

Treize grinned. "Friday?" he suggested.

"At eight. Here. I'll be expecting you." Wufei accepted. He turned back to the camera and the next young woman in line. Briefly he wondered if asking her to remove her thick glasses would be considered an insult.

Catherine easily slipped the box from Duo's awaiting hands and set it on the counter to sort through it. "Are you sure Trowa said it was alright for me to stay here without you guys . . . You aren't bunking in a hotel and telling me different are you?"

Duo was immediately shaking his head. "No no, we're staying with a friend and helping him run his brothel that's all."

"Brothel!" Catherine demanded.

"I'm joking."

"Of course you are. Great, my brother dates a comedian . . . Forget it though. Anyhow did I tell you about this person I met yet? I mean oh my God, she's got this bike that just . . . Whoa! Y'know?"

Duo Maxwell shook his head. He had no intention of finding something in common with Catherine's obsession with motorcycles and the people who ride them. "That reminds me Cathy. What did happen to your last boyfriend?"

The redhead shrugged as she blushed. "That's none of your business."

"Of course not."

Amai Noa Izumi looked up from her newspaper to glance back and forth between her two roommates and frowned. Everyday it was like this. E sat at the computer typing up the month's rent in a short story. And Kenen stared at his easel searching for intuition on his blank textured canvas, before beginning to paint the month's rent. And at night they'd trade off to critique and comment on the day's work before showering and going to bed. It was enough to drive her crazy though it suited their relationship perfectly.

Glancing back down at her newspaper for inspiration she was shocked to find an advertisement. Book Lovers . . .

"Hey guys, I got an idea for tonight!"

Chris Marley placed her dog tags on the inside of her shirt sighing in relief. It was over. Four years in the service, climbing fast in rank, gaining an education and job . . . She'd had fun -- sort of -- and that was enough. She grabbed her luggage off the baggage claim and proceded to leave the air station. She was on her way to her new apartment somewhere down Nataku Street, but first . . . Chris wondered if there was bookstore she could ravage before settling in.

Trowa hung up the phone and moaned in frustration, slapping a hand to his face in an irritated manner. "Dammit Duo . . ."

Wufei glanced at Trowa through half-lidded eyes. "What did the fool do now?" he wondered.

"He's tired, he's cranky, he's crashing at the apartment, and my back is killing me!"

Book Lovers' owner murmured sympathetically. "Want me to run you a bath?"

"Oh would you?" Trowa queried, adoration apparent in his visible green eye. At Wufei's nod, Trowa continued, "Want to join me?"

"Sure," Wufei conceded.

After the bath and dressed in matching plaid pj's, Trowa splayed himself out on Wufei's bed and beckoned him into it. Wufei easily complied and slipped his arms around the European. He laughed softly as he was struck with the déjà vu the situation triggered.

"What?" Trowa wondered.

"Did you ever tell Duo we used to date?"

Trowa made an effort to think back, only to shake his head negatively. "No, it's never come up . . ."

Wufei snuggled closer and rested his face in the juncture between Trowa's neck and shoulder. "Where did you meet Duo anyway?" he murmured.

It was Trowa's turn to laugh as the question brought on a series of enjoyable memories. "Umm . . . I was driving and . . . I think . . . yeah, I was driving over a bridge . . ."

"And let me guess," Wufei interrupted, "Duo was the troll under it right?"

Trowa grunted in irritation and elbowed Wufei in the gut. "No, Stupid. He was working and told me I'd have to go around, but that he'd make up the inconvenience to me later if I wanted and . . ." Trowa paused as Wufei shuddered behind him. "And just what do you have against Duo anyway?"

"Trowa . . ."

"I'm serious Wufei, you avoid this question all the time, and quite skillfully too. What's your problem with my boyfriend?"

"Honestly?" Wufei asked after some deliberation on his part.

"Yes," Trowa answered without preamble.

Wufei was silent for a few moments more before reaching the decision to tell to the whole truth. "Fact is . . . I used to date someone . . . a guy . . . in college . . . in my art class . . ."

Trowa's eyes widened and he twisted in Wufei's grasps to peer at him incredulously. "Oh my God! You're joking! Chang Wufei would not belittle himself to date scraggly, struggling, artists . . ."

"Well I did . . ."

Trowa pulled out of Wufei's embrace completely to sit up and stare. "Oh hell . . . what was he like? This is the guy I was rebound for right?"

Wufei nodded. "We met at a party, the friends that dragged me there went off with other people and I was sitting at the bar moping when he offered to give me a ride."

"How sweet," Trowa remarked. "So . . ." he prompted.

"He gave me a ride," Wufei stated candidly. "Repeatedly."

Trowa's mouth dropped significantly in disbelief. "You mean to tell me, Chang Wufei fucked on the first date?"

His companion shrugged, " I'm not proud of it Trowa . . ."

"Was he your first?" Trowa queried.

"Well yes . . . but --"

"What happened?" Trowa intermitted. "What kind of story teller are you?"

Calmly Wufei continued, "We dated for a few months and um one morning I woke up alone, and I went to the window to look down and see if he'd already gone to class. He was at his car about to drive off. I smiled, I waved. He smiled, blew me a kiss. I never saw him again after that."

Again Trowa was shaking his head. "Oh my God . . . You're bitter. And you like Duo . . ."

"I do not," Wufei was quick to disagree. "He just reminds me of someone I despise, that's all."

"Oh well I understand that," Trowa replied thoughtfully. "All I'm saying is that . . . hell 'Fei why didn't you tell me this before?"

"Didn't think it was relevent," Wufei murmured. Yawning, he reached for a pillow, and curled up around it, the bath and the day having fully caught up with him.

"Relevent!" the green-eyed man exploded. "I'm your bestfriend!"

"Which is why your boyfriend won't hear of this," Fei countered sleepily.

"Of course not. Wufei?"

"What?" Trowa laid back down and pulled the Chinese man closer to him as he slowly drifted off to sleep.

"What was this guy's name?"

"Umm . . ." Wufei yawned again. "Solo . . . Solo Maxwell . . ."

The lights of the small town were indeed beautiful in a way, he thought as he ran his hand through unruly sable hair. The usual street racket was far removed from this place, he felt it was an all right place to hang around for a while. Trenchcoat flapping behind him, he made his way through the streets.