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[GW FIC] Book Lovers : Letter D of F

BOOK LOVERS | by: e.N Black
Word Count Total: 11,347 | Complete: 12.28.2001
Pairings: mainly 2x5, 2x3, and A LOT
Disclaimer: e.N. Black does not own the rights to Gundam Wing.
Comments: For Lottery Fic visitor 2910, Amai Noa Izumi

Letter: D

Lucrezia Noin looked up from grading her papers to peer at the blonde and brunette sitting in the back of the class avidly imitating their version of 'whispering'. They both wore the typical letterman's jacket to cover athletic builds that designating them as high school football players . . . and they oozed the intelligence to prove it . . . Noin barely refrained from rolling her eyes.

They were supposed to be using their class time to work on the project she'd assigned them last Friday; not goofing off, but she couldn't help it if they chose not to use the sense God gave a mule. They were outstanding athletes, Noin had to admit, but if they failed this class they could kiss football, and any other sport that so struck their fancy, good-bye.

The two boys snickered, and Lucrezia snapped the pencil within her grasp in half. Bloody hell, if they don't just ask each other out already . . . she thought. Anyone could see that the two were close to 'tackling' each other in every sense of the word. And usually Lucrezia knew she would never hop to conclusions that way about people, but shoot, it was too obvious; she even had a bet going with the coach . . . Not that such a thing was ethical in the least.

"Alex, Mueller," she politely waited until she had the two's full attention. And when blue eyes and brown met hers she minutely frowned. "I'll need you two to see me after class."

The two teens fidgeted at their desk and shot worried 'see-what-you-did' silent accusations at each other before mumbling in sync, "Yes, Ms. Noin."

Once the rest of the class had vanished with the ringing of the bell, Lucrezia Noin waited a good five minutes before addressing the "Red Cancer" and "Blue Angel" of the football field, thus making sure they were late for practice. "Now then," Lucrezia began, removing her glasses from the bridge of her nose to pierce her two pupils. "Lets get one thing straight right now." She stood from her desk and approached the two to tower over them as they cowered behind their desks. Ms. Lucrezia was not one to piss off after all. "You can goof off if you want to, but if you don't make A's on this report you will fail this English class." She paused to look the two shamefaced boys over, and was pleased with the disgruntled looks the tops of the desk were receiving from them. "I don't have to tell you what that means right?"

"No, Ms. Noin."

"Good. I suggest you find a library, and start taking this project seriously. You're dismissed."

"Yes, Ms. Noin," they murmured together as they stood gathering their bags, each privately thinking: Where am I gonna find a bookstore . . .

Ron Meiran executed her next attack almost perfectly. True, her opponent went down; unfortunately she went down with him, and landed awkwardly on her arm. Fighting the waves of pain, she hopped to her feet and cradled her arm, even as the referee awarded her the match. Once her opponent had arisen also, they bowed to each other and departed their separate ways; the tournament was over.

She was taken to the hospital immediately, and introduced to her new doctor; an extremely perky young woman, whom just happened to have been watching the tournament on the hospital's TV

She smiled winningly at Meiran's stoic expression.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Midii Une . . ."

"Trowa, I don't ask you for much do I?" Wufei queried as his best friend crossed the threshold to his somewhat serviceable home.

The green eyed man shook his head as he spoke, surveying the construction area, "Oh now, not really . . . I mean, only recently you asked me to break up with my boyfriend, but that's not such a big deal . . ."

Wufei chose not to rise to the bait and instead replied, "Ah yes, your boyfriend . . . Funny you should mention him. Is he ever going to be on time again or have I succeeded in scaring him off schedule permanently?"

The Chinese man gaped slightly as a light blush stained Trowa's cheeks. The Latin/Frenchman laughed lightly, "Ah well . . . funny you should mention that, um . . . that's kinda my fault . . ."

"How is it your fault he . . .?" Wufei paused and lent his mind to the gutter for a split second. "Oh gross Trowa. I was happier not knowing that . . ."

Trowa scowled at Wufei. "Just what do you find so offensive about Duo anyway?"

"Aside from the fact that he wears the same clothing every single day . . .?"

"They look good on him," Trowa immediately protested. "Besides, I make sure they're clean and . . ."

"You do his laundry too? Trowa!" Wufei wailed.

"And how much sense does it make to mess up more clothes with his line of work anyway?" Trowa continued completely ignoring Wufei's outburst.

"Don't tell me he's living with you too?"

"Would you get off that? So what if Duo is living with me, it's a trial basis type thing to see if he'd like to take up permanent residency . . ."

"Whoa!" Wufei swiftly interrupted again. "Now you're talking marriage aren't you!"

Trowa shrugged. "Anyway," he began, and Wufei knew it be a blatant change of subject. "Your place is really coming along great."

Wufei silently agreed with a nod of his head in Trowa's direction. In his opinion, which he considered far greater than anyone else's, Duo Maxwell may be bad company, and right 'disturbing' at times, but he knew his stuff, and was doing an excellent job.

"If you're so concerned about Duo being late, Wufei, why don't you just offer him a room here?" Trowa suggested slyly. The Chinese man blinked, repeatedly. "I mean its closer to my job anyway . . ."

"Wait-a-second!" Wufei stammered. "You want me to move you and Duo in here?"

"What? Its not such a bad a idea, and my sister's coming home . . . And you know how she is with the bathroom . . ."

Wufei sat down heavily and sighed tiredly.

Treize Khushrenada ordered his driver pull over. Across the street there was a newspaper vendor and he found himself in dire need to know what was happening; anything to read even if he'd approved it just the other day to print. He dodged traffic to get to his destined vendor, and a quarter had it yielding him his treasure.

Treize hastily opened it and practically drank in the new smell of newspaper and written words. He turned on his heel and promptly bumped into someone, a startled squeak the only indication that he had; he'd barely been moved. The auburn haired man looked around his paper to see a messy chocolate bun pulled up on top a head and a butt in the air, as the person bent over intently searching for something.

He tossed the paper aside and promptly sunk down to help her. Where were his manners, what was wrong with him, this was twice in two days.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't even see you there. Can I help you?"

"Can't find my glasses," she managed to stutter out as her hands frantically felt around on the pavement. Treize blinked once, but then easily reached down beside her foot and picked up the thick black-rimmed apparatus.

The woman smiled winningly at him. "That's them, thank-you so much." She slipped them on and accepted Treize's hand up. She dusted off her drab long brown skirt, and pulled her gray jacket around herself more tightly. "Thanks a lot Mister, I didn't mean to get in your way like that, honest."

Treize shook his head adamantly. "Nonsense," he assured the somewhat mousy woman before him, doing his best to be chivalrous and not laugh at the concoction the woman had thrown on herself. The striped tube socks stuffed into pristine, white tennis shoes nearly did him in though. "My fault entirely." He couldn't look at her face for too long-the sheer thickness of the girl's glasses magnified her eyes in such a way that it was painful to look at her for longer than well timed glances. Treize hoped she would take his hesitancy to meet her eyes as shyness, and not an insult. "My name is Treize Khushrenada, I am at your mercy."

She blushed, twiddled her fingers and bit her chap-sticked bottom lip. "Gosh . . ." she breathed, "Umm, I'm Lady--Lady Une, its nice to meet you -- of course not under these circumstances, but good anyway."

Treize indulgently nodded. "Would your sister happen to be Dr. Midii Une?" he wondered.

She nodded with jerky bobs of her head causing her bun to bounce wildly. "Why yes." They were silent a moment, before Lady burst out, "I was on my way to Book Lovers if your not busy, and you did say you were at my mercy . . . Would you walk me there?"

Treize blinked again. Book Lovers . . . the flyer . . . the gorgeous Asian he'd bumped into just the other day. It all made perfect sense now; that's what the cute Chinese man had been talking about. "Of course," he answered Lady, offering her his arm and signaling to his driver to follow them. "I wouldn't want you to bump into anyone else." I get to see him again after all . . .

Lady Une's winning smile flashed back onto her face; her thrice-magnified eyes dancing with glee caused Treize's own eyes to unfocus dangerously. He blinked rapidly and just caught himself from slipping off the sidewalk into the gutter water.

So, Lady thought, That owner of Book Lovers definitely had the right idea . . .

Chang Wufei shook slightly as the entered the local newspaper's door. It was time to start running the ad for his store. Duo was nearly finished with construction; he was working on the last floor of the establishment even as Wufei hesitated with his doubts.

What if Trowa and Duo's idea was a failure, what if no one showed for this grand undertaking, did anyone in this almost city ever read, and if they did that was usually considered a time to be alone, wasn't it?

Never mind that; Trowa would kill him if he didn't go through with it. No regrets. Wufei plastered on a smile as he approached a receptionist.

Feeling better about himself after the whole affair was over, Wufei left the establishment in good spirits with a few flyers tucked under his arm in a manila folder. He'd done it, he was now an official Librarian, soon they would crowd his store, just like that little voice that always whispered, 'If you build it, they will come' promised.

He didn't see the passerby, as vice versa, only knew that one moment he was vertical, the next, not. His manila folder had fluttered open and unsurprisingly the wind had picked up at just that moment to blow them all over some gods' great green creation, and probably Never-Never Land too. Wufei scrambled to catch a few and was shocked as he was handed his folder and a few other flyers that hadn't quite made it to freedom.

"Thank-you," he breathed, unable to stop himself from staring into blue-green eyes. Auburn-ish hair slicked back, weird, but no less sexy, perfectly arched eyebrows, a tailored suit, an appeal that was hard to place but no less mesmerizing, made up the package presented before him.

"Book Lovers?" the man questioned holding up the flyers.

"Umm, yes, its my store," Wufei answered.

"Then I'll have to stop by . . ."

Wufei could barely breath, if only I could find one of these for Trowa . . . he mused. [1]


[1] Not a word! No we are not advocating 5x13 and we don't mean to hurt anyone's tender sensibilities but we don't see where that came from. We just needed someone completely opposite to Duo * holds up hands * and that's all we're saying on the matter.