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[GW FIC] Book Lovers : Letter C of F

BOOK LOVERS | by: e.N Black
Word Count Total: 11,347 | Complete: 12.28.2001
Pairings: mainly 2x5, 2x3, and A LOT
Disclaimer: e.N. Black does not own the rights to Gundam Wing.
Comments: For Lottery Fic visitor 2910, Amai Noa Izumi

Letter: C

Hilde Sheibeiker smiled at the toasting couple as she brought them another bucket of chilled wine. She'd just caught the end of the conversation and softly sighed as she wondered back to her duties lost in thought.

Admittedly, had she of known that to help pay for college she would have to work as a waitress in some fancy restaurant; put up with bad attitudes, long hours, low tips, and sore feet, she would have foregone continuing her education past the ninth grade. Once you reached high school the last three grades were kind of tedious anyway.

Book Lovers . . . They're probably toasting the name of some new ultra trash novel the Chinese guy's writing, Hilde noted as she rolled her eyes and silently acknowledged that she would probably be first in line to buy it when it published. Too bad there aren't any good bookstores around here . . .

Miliardo Peacecraft pushed the cart up the aisle of the plane stopping at each row politely asking the travelers if they wanted anything else before they landed within the next hour. Stopping at another row with only one person seated in it, intently typing away at his laptop, Miliardo courteously cleared his throat and waited to be pierced by this particular passenger's direct cobalt glare. If not terribly polite he was definitely the ideal passenger and had only requested coffee the whole fourteen-hour flight. He hadn't brought along any of those aggravating 'Mommy-I-gotta-go-Pee' toddlers, hadn't caused trouble, as a few of the other fliers had because air cuisine didn't fit their criterion of what food should be. He hadn't clogged the bathroom stall -- and that had been gross -- or tried to have sex in one either.

He had merely asked for assistance in placing one of his carry-on bags in the above compartment because his race of people weren't renowned for height. Miliardo had been more than willing to oblige.

"Excuse me sir, would you like more coffee?"

The cobalt eyed passenger turned to face the blonde flight attendant and tersely nodded, prying his fingers from his keyboard to hand the coffee mug to him. Miliardo took the mug and poured in more coffee, adding the amount of sugar and cream this particular passenger had said he liked.

As he was handing back the mug, the plane violently shook and the 'seatbelt' sign immediately blinked on. The captain's voice spoke calmly over the intercom, informing everyone of the turbulence in the sky and to remain seated at all cost. Miliardo promptly sat down beside the cobalt-eyed man before he was tossed down the aisle.

The passenger was barely phased. "Thank-you," he replied and took a quick sip of his coffee in a fleeting calm moment of flight.

Miliardo mustered up a smile for him and answered, "Your welcome."

Once the plane safely touched down and all the passengers prepared to leave, Miliardo helped the short Japanese man once again with his baggage and them moved on to assist others as needed. However, Miliardo allowed himself to turn back and watch the man who'd caught his eye file out with the other travelers.

Shame, I'll never see him again . . .

Trowa diligently worked at a stubborn knot in Duo's back. The American had come home from 'work' complaining about obstinate pipes and bosses, had taken a shower and then plopped down on Trowa's bed to cheerfully ask, "So how was your day, Gorgeous?"

Trowa had merely sat down beside his boyfriend and commenced the aforementioned massage. "I got a letter from my sister."

"The freaky one?" Duo mumbled.

"I only have one sister," Trowa replied. "She uh . . . is moving back here and needed a place to crash, so . . ."

"You said she could here," Duo finished.

"Yes . . . Is that okay?"

"What're you askin' me for?"

Trowa sighed, "Because, you could live here too, and I want you to be comfortable. Or did you think I was bullshitting you when I said I wanted something more permanent?"

Duo shook his head and groaned a low pleasurable sound in his throat as Trowa continued his administrations. "No, I believed you . . . I don't mind Cathy being here, she's cool."

Trowa's hands paused as he let Duo's words sink in. "You mean it?" he wondered.

Duo knew perfectly well that Trowa wasn't talking about Catherine, "May as well give it a try," he answered.

He was unprepared for Trowa pouncing on him.

Quatre Raberba Winner picked up his newspaper and promptly flipped it over to the business section to check his stocks. He was inordinately pleased with himself for investing in the Japanese Stock Market, which was climbing rapidly as opposed to the American, and felt like celebrating.

But then he realized he had no one to celebrate with and partying all by yourself was . . . well, it was . . . by yourself. He sighed as he flipped the paper over to look at another section and was surprised to find himself staring at an advertisement.

Book Lovers, huh?