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*Deactivating Inner Censor*

Site Rules, Regs, and Explanations:

- I have a lot of stories in my head. I would love to write them all, but it's probably not gonna happen. That being said, I don't have a lot of patience for stupid. If i get annoyed with a story and the responses it receives, I'm liable to quit writing it forever or whenever I change my mind. I'm not saying I can't take criticism — I do and gladly — I'm saying leave an actual critique and let me know what I could improve on so that I can.

- This is an Entitlement-Free Zone. Do NOT NAG me about Fanfiction. It's fuckin' fanfiction. I don't get paid to write it. I barely get positive comments. I do it for fun because, like you, I'm a fan too. If I finish a story, then I finish it. If I don't, well, for the time you spent reading what was posted, were you not entertained?

- I'm not the best artist, but I love drawing. I also don't believe in censoring artwork. So if you click on anything that has an 18+ Warning, you will probably see a penis or two. I would love feedback on it, even something simple like "Like it" or "Your perspective is off on the (insert screwed up part here)".

- Deadlines evade me. I write slowly and I have the attention span of a mosquito in the dark.

- I'm kind, but I'm not charismatic. I can be brutally honest and most people don't like that. Even so, I like talking with people, discussing points of view, getting to know your thoughts and where ours differ. So if you have a thought then comment, it's cool. I promise to respond with the Inner Censor On.

Tentative Schedule: 05.05.2015 - ? (grad-school keeps me wiped out and busy right now)

Concentration: Hoshi (HnG) DONE! | Fan Art (?) | Original Comics (which i think will be likeable if i can get it right, i don't know about posting it yet. but that is what i work on in between grad-school papers)

If you friend me let me know what you want to see below or in a PM because i do use filters.

*Reactivating Inner Censor*


Jul. 6th, 2012 08:56 pm (UTC)
Re: welcome aboard!
*smiles* Are you asking me if there's an actual plot? That answer is: Not anymore. I write by a practice of ever-evolving-ideas. So, I may start off with a theme or a scene in my head, and from there the question becomes 'What acts best describes this theme?' or 'What acts lead up to this scene or come after it?' And then starts the constant worry that I'm failing at expressing the heart of the idea even as it molds to suit the story more. Did 'Fall' have a plot? Yes, but it changed. Did it have an outline? Yes, but it became irrelevant after chapter three. 'Fall' is ultimately just a List of Ideas. Those ideas will either be executed well, or not so well. Thing is, the only way I can know that is from comments. So, when there is no feedback or when the majority of it has nothing to do with the storytelling, then to me that says the story failed, time to scrap it and perhaps try again. All that to say, if you think one of my stories is well put together, then I think that's the best news I read.