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[Gundam Wing] New Mobile Report?

so. recently it has come to our attention that Gundam Wing has a new novel out called "Frozen Teardrop" and at first we were stoked to hear it.

if one should visit our site one will see that we have Gundam Wing fics out of the ass. they are old. they are, oftentimes, ugly as our grasp of the written language wasn't very good back then. but they exist. a little known fact about us is that we have seen less than 10 episodes of Gundam Wing, plus Endless Waltz. this is because as a show GW was pretty boring. dry and lifeless even when action was going on -- though this lag was corrected in Endless Waltz.

what we loved about GW was the pilots. they had depth. they had energy. they were done an injustice almost in the setting their creator placed them in.

so like i said. stoked. thought, this time, we're going to be genuinely interested in what the creator is selling. after AC:GW the new MC:GW has to be an improvement.

but then we read the premise.

and the first thought that hits my head is 'hey, where have i seen that idea before?' and then it came back to me. picture it, Wednesday, January 2, 2002. we received an email from tj_dragonblade praising us on the plan for a new fic which we later called 'Revival'.


i suppose this is what we get for having never been proper fans.

alright. on the surface Frozen Teardrop and Revival have a couple similarities. FT takes place 22 years after Endless Waltz when Revival is only 10. of course, the GW author focuses on Heero Yuy getting frozen, when we focus on Duo Maxwell (who is infinitely more interesting as a character, we think, than her 'Perfect Soldier'). and some big bad evil has fallen out of the deep to need to reawaken that whole Gundam phenomenon. *shrugs* one can only do so much.

anyhow, i think what really annoys me about FT (i can't speak for E on this one, though i think he'll agree) is the blatant recycling of personalities and design. no. seriously. i just praised Katsuyuki Sumisawa for creating excellent characters who were different and stood out and she goes and does the exact same thing again? really. really?

also, i think she's a closet 1x2 and 3x4 shipper.

because for 1x2 not only does she give Duo a son -- Duo II -- who is the exact copy of his father, but she breaks up Duo and Hilde to make room for Heero in Duo's life again, or his son's because with Heero having been frozen he's closer to Duo II's age than the original Pilot 02. wtf.

and for the 3x4, Quatre and Trowa took on the roles of their original Doktor and Instructor. never got married. never made kids. they stayed holed up for 22 years designing Gundams. really?

look lady, if that's what you want then just outright say it. i'd have more respect for you if you did even if i don't agree. as it stands those pairings make no sense. and there is nothing that pisses me off more than senseless shipping.

though, on the up, Wufei doesn't seem to be dating anybody either. and they haven't named him as Kathy Po's father yet, so i have reason to believe he and Duo gave up their lady love's to be with each other.

furthering on the clones is Trowa Phobos. we've always loved original Trowa. thought he got shafted the first time around. and apparently he's getting the shaft again. i don't want to not like the Trowa Clone -- he can't help that his creator has no imagination. and when i look at him, i keep hoping he and Duo II will get along, because then we can have both 5x2 and IIxIII like we've always wanted and it wouldn't be senseless. (i know. am nerd.)

right. anyway further differences now are that there are female gundam pilots; Kathy Po -- Sally's daughter -- and Katherine Winner -- Quatre's clone sister . . . and that has got to be confusing with Catherine Bloom running around. makes me wonder if they ran out of names. anyhow, girls in the series, not as periphery pieces, makes perfect sense and should have been done before in these Gundam installments.

but this rant isn't very well put together. just nebulous thoughts that should flesh out when the new novel becomes available to read or watch. at the moment i'm just kind of annoyed and disappointed, yet curious.


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Apr. 30th, 2011 09:24 am (UTC)
2002. Man. It's only a few years, yet it feels so long ago. @_@

Took a look. I...don't know what to make of it. :/ If nothing else, it proves you came up with a good plot-concept back in the day.

But of course they must center it on Heero. Sigh. And I don't know that I'm all that enthusiastic about a Carbon Copy younger generation. And, okay yes this is shallow and fannish, but after years of having an open post-series playground to play in, I kind of...resent?...having that taken away. I mean, not like I'm writing over there, but all this new canon info sort of...gah, what'm I trying to say. Like, it's defined one possibility as The Real Story when there used to be infinite futures, and I don't necessarily like what's defined, and I'm going 'God it's going to be a PitA to adjust and figure out how to continue shipping around this new info'. ^_^;

On the up-side, thirty-something Duo & Fei? ♥ I can get on board with that. And I rather like your suggestion of being able to have both 2x5 and nu-2x3 at the same time. You've pointed out the only good points I can see so far.

I mean, I suppose I should reserve judgement until/if I read/see it. But I can't say I'm impressed just yet.
Apr. 30th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
And, okay yes this is shallow and fannish, but after years of having an open post-series playground to play in, I kind of...resent?...having that taken away.

*points ecstatically* yes! those are the words i was looking for yesterday when i tried to express my disappointment.

the story was over.

let it go.

if Ms. Katsuyuki absolutely had to write another novel in this 'verse then it shouldn't have contained the original G-boys at all. or, if so, it should have been very limited and only pointed out closer to the conclusion of the novel instead of outright. like Trowa and Quatre could have still been in it, just more behind the scenes -- a guess -- as to who Instructor W and Doktor T are.

and Trowa. *annoyed sigh* i think what really pisses me off for younger Trowa is the name. there are other words that mean 3. Tres, San, i forget what it is in Elven, but it still would have worked. he doesn't have his own face, he doesn't have his own personality, he's not an original pilot's child: why couldn't he have had his own name?

and, just saying, while i'm at it, 'Duo II' could have just as easily have been 'Duet'.

*frowns* the more i think about it the more i'm passing judgment. but you got it right with the 'not impressed' assessment. it's just too much wasted potential.
May. 6th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC)
The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to just sort of disregard this 'extension' completely if it remains in novel form.  If it ends up animated, well, okay, maybe I'll have to re-visit fitting it into my own head-canon.  But...I mean, there are Saiyuki novels written by someone else with limited input from Minekura, and I've never bothered to incorporate them into the fabric of my canon worldview.  I'd have to do more research than I care to to find out if the chick writing these GW novels was involved in the creation of the original series or if she's essentially a glorified fanfic author doing her thing under the blessing of a licensed version.  It's not a name I've heard before, and I'd always sort of had the impression that all the Gundam series were anime first (rather than anime based on manga like so much of everything else) and all created by the same two dudes.

*shrug*  We'll see, I suppose.
And yeah, it's really kind of dumb to recycle Trowa's name again.  Duo II, I can grudgingly forgive on the basis of people passing their names down to their kids as 'the second' or 'junior' and 'the third', etc, but still, a little more imagination would have been nice. 

And what's with this 'fighting against Relena' business?  Somehow doesn't set right with me.  Guess I'd have to see how it happened, how the world progressed in those 22 years, but...still.

*sigh*  Wasted potential is always disappointing.
May. 9th, 2011 03:37 am (UTC)
quick reply: yes. Sumisawa was one of the original co-writers for GW. just GW. her and the two dudes wrote that script.

and the fighting against Relena thing. *annoyed growl* i thought she was dead. or at least too old to be humping <-- yes, humping Heero still, but she ends up frozen too. that's tacky. would have preferred the cougar angle.

i've got nothing. not even interest at this point.
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