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[Random] Naruto MOST:

as we're currently catching up on Naruto a few things came to mind and so a "Most" meme type thing, i guess, exist. if you are not current on the manga then be advised there are SPOILERS. and these are just opinions so put down the shot-gun if you're Most don't match mine. i also included a Why, because i feel opinions should have reasons.

. . . Most Disgusting: Kimimaro. hands down. his bloodline limit still grosses me out more than anyone else.

. . . Most Useless Akatsuki: Deidara. i have no idea why this guy gets so much attention. bombs. really? that's lame.

. . . Most Unappreciated Male: Shino. bugs. i know. but he's actually pretty impressive.

. . . Most Unappreciated Female: TenTen. weapons. i know. in light of what everyone else can do, she does seem pretty trivial.

. . . Most Awesome Double-Agent: Itachi. needs no explanation.

. . . Most Badass: Gaara. i truly believe he could have taken Sasuke if no one had interfered.

. . . Most Loved Voice: Konohamaru. it just makes me happy whenever i hear it.

. . . Most Naruto Movie: 1st. Snow Princess. though the third one wasn't as bad as the second one, but still, not as noteworthy.

. . . Most Shippuuden Movie: 3rd. Will of Fire. okay. they really try to ingrain the theme into your head, but its the only movie that really focuses on Konohagakure ideals and shinobi.

. . . Most Ultimate Ninja: Kakashi. only in the sense of his being the most well-rounded in all aspects of ninja-dom.

. . . Most Impressive: Haku. bloodline limit. check. true shinobi. check. and in all the Naruto-verse Haku is the only one who does one-handed seals. even ultimate ninja, Kakashi, can't do that.

. . . Most Theme Song: Haruka Kanata. yes. still. if Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" could be converted to Japanese that would be the ultimate theme song but that's not gonna happen. so.

. . . Most Heart: Naruto. duh. Lee. also duh.

. . . Most Much Ado About Nothing: Sasuke. killing somebody who was already half-dead isn't impressive. killing somebody who lets you win also isn't impressive. whoring oneself out for power, how pathetic can you get?

. . . Most Less Useless: Sakura. most growth, definitely. but then, when you're already at the bottom, up is the only place to go. i want to give her props for the Sasori fight, medical ninjutsu, and all around getting the hell out the way-ness . . . but then she goes and throws herself in front of Naruto/Kyuubi on a rampage, and i have to wonder why i gave her any credit in the first place.

. . . Most Completely Useless: Karin. the mistress of chakra vampirism herself. what the hell was Sasuke thinking!? you're challenging people of Akatsuki level and you take someone who can't fight? really?

anyhow. more 'Most' to come. probably. need to finish weeding through Shippuuden for actual canon episodes. really dislike this mixing thing they're doing even though i can see the reasoning behind it.

most people cry foul whenever someone says that, but my point is this; i am a reader. in most cases i will always read the book version before watching it in motion (be it animated or movie). in this case, i like the manga, now i want to see what i read in action. clarify panels the author didn't have space to draw. show color where the author didn't have leave to add it. fight sequences. in short, bring it to life. and to that end i'd be ok with an animated episode every other week, hell, even every other month, if it meant they would stick to the manga and it would bring the quality of the episodes up.

i stand by that because one can not marathon Naruto without wanting to slip a noose around one's neck and step off someplace high. i tried to get my brother interested in it cause we usual like the same anime, but he'll only watch it every now and then. the sad part here is he can watch one episode, then watch another 62 episodes later and have a pretty clear picture of everything he's missed in between.

think about it:

average episode  = 23 mins
beginning theme  = - 1.5 min
ending theme      = - 1.5 min
prev ep reminder = - 1-3 min
random pauses   = - 1.5 min
flashbacks         = - 5-6 min
episode         AVG 13-15 minutes of new content.

i mean, sheesh, Full Metal Alchemist wasn't as big but even it got a purist version in Brotherhood so why can't Naruto have that?


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Mar. 15th, 2011 09:51 pm (UTC)
I have no idea why Deidara is so popular, either; he's definitely one of the Akatsuki that I like better than others but I can't really say why.

Shino gets no love, agreed. And he was so depressed when Naruto didn't recognize him after all that time, too, poor guy.

My Most Loved Voice is going to have to be Gaara. Saiyuki has given me a very firm attachment to it. ^_^;

Word on Sasuke. But then, we already know we're in agreement there.

I like post-timeskip Sakura quite a lot, but it does seem like she still gets needlessly relegated to flighty brainless female' again whenever it suits the story. *sigh* And her fixation with Sasuke makes me want to shake her, still, albeit rather more gently than before.

Y'know, I kinda feel sorry for Karin more than anything. She's such a Sasuke fangirl (dear lord, why??), and he ultimately treats her like shit. Pretty sure the only reason he ever added her to his team was for her chakra-sensing abilities.

I'm so with you on the actual canon episodes thing, and lol'ing at the fact that the two of you actually timed out how much stagnant material tends to go into each ep. So, so grateful for the fast-forward button and the ability to watch more than one ep at a time. I don't know how the people who just follow it on TV can manage to hang on week after week.
Mar. 16th, 2011 04:20 pm (UTC)
i had to look up his name three times before typing this. every time it was like "dude. E, who's the 'hmm' dude in Akatsuki?" and he'd be like "uh, Dora?" and i'd be like, "nah. that can't be right." anyway. Deidara is more annoying than a threat; his sole advantage being aerial combat. take that away and he's useless and yet, one looks at the character poll and he's in the top 10. what?!.

y'know . . . after watching the second time through, i still don't like Sasuke, but i do understand his lack of character a little better. ultimately, he's all talk. but i get why he left.

but Karin . . . sheesh. i get that good-looking dudes are forgiven for being jackasses (y'all call it bad-boy syndrome or something) and us more mediocre ones have to work a little harder (we get to be losers by genetic appearance only), but at some point, it's got to click right?

timing. yeah. we had nothing better to do. i just don't think that watching the anime should be a chore, and if the creators need more time to make a better episode, then dammit, take more time. cause you'll definitely end up with more fans which means more money. and that's the point isn't it?
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