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captain's log: sunday 02. 27 .11

trying to actually use this thing. huh. here goes.

~ this article brought a smile to my face today.

~ Another Star Trek film, with the very dreamy Zachary Quinto has been announced for 2012. my sole motivation for seeing it is completely carnal.

~ my eldest dog, Mercutio, ran away. i found him a couple hours later playing with some neighborhood kids, but i was still disappointed. i mean, the younger one, Tybalt, had the same opportunity to escape but decided that being my dog was better than anything the world could offer. that kind of loyalty . . . there just are no words.

~ avidly searching for the Cosmic binder. feel like writing Gravity since Whispers is being difficult, but alas.

~ i also feel like playing Suikoden V again. hm. been a long time since i've wanted to play any video game besides the Sims 3 so, i guess, it has officially lost its sparkle now.

~ speaking of. i'm becoming jaded as far as the Sims franchise goes. i mean, it is ridiculous that i can have a complete gaming experience on one raggedy lot in the sims 2, but the sims 3 can only offer an empty ass, pod-people, squeaky clean, zero personality, self-aging neighborhood? really? that's the best you got EA? it took 2 expansion packs to get to a damn Time Machine when from the get-go in sims 2 you could be abducted and anal probed by aliens. Sims 3 gives us these bubble people and expects us to be grateful with their half-ass attempts at a playable game, but seriously how many patches do i need to keep this shit from crashing EA? really? if the next expansion pack doesn't offer weather i quit. i am uninstalling it and calling it quits cause i think i've been more than fair waiting for y'all to get it together.


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Mar. 2nd, 2011 07:44 am (UTC)
Yes. Shymalan's airbender travesty sweeping the Razzies was a heartening, life-affirming sort of moment. ^___^
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