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"I" is dead to me

he really really hates first person, ken thinks as puts down the latest book he has read. it is entitled "I AM NUMBER FOUR". he thought that was a horrible title. it was not a book he'd had any intention of reading, yet he'd watched the movie and was curious. the movie was decent he'd thought at the time. usually, the book is much better. usually, he would sing the praises of the writer. this is not usually.

the book is written in first person. terrible idea. first person, ken thinks, is for people who are unsure of their writing voice, the story, or their own talent. first person makes for sloppy, empty writing and a story full of holes. first person doesn't work for most books and there are very few instances wherein Ken has read first person properly done. ken thinks that if isn't an autobiography, then "I" does not exist.

simple comparisons of the I AM NUMBER FOUR book and movie are as followed with no spoilers:
1. the book gives more of a history about Four's life, the movie gives a prologue at the start of the film - which is enough in some ways.
2. the movie ages Four closer to 18 than the 15 he really is.
3. on that note, Four comes across as a cocky brat in the film, rather than the obedient kid he actually is in the book. and Henri comes across as a dick, rather than the loving, father figure.
4. the girl is actually way more interesting in the movie. in the book she's almost unnecessary.
5. the badass chic in the previews, you've seen her, blond, blue eyes. she should be brunette, darker skin, darker eyes.
. . . This is SO a rant, please feel free to skip to the bigger text: Warning ken and e. would like to say with absolute sarcasm 'thank-you Hollywood for keeping your over-priced movies White cast only. thank you for stating that even if there is life on other planets they are definitely White too. question, how are you going to make THE POWER OF SIX sequel? you do realize Seven looks Hispanic, right?"
6. the movie has Four over-powered, the villains, underpowered though they are, have safety in numbers

honestly, besides a few tweaks to the plot, there really aren't that many differences, ken thought. though is does make him curious on how they're planning to do THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, which is a hilarious series by Cassandra Clare. he recommends the read.


in other news, ken completely redesigned "Clans". though he is starting to believe that comic making, while fun, just isn't something he excels at.

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