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~ HnG.Hoshi.Ch03 can be found here Go is Played by Two.
~ it's not my best, but then, i haven't really been at my best for awhile. it does, however, sound more like something i would write. so ye-hah and all that.
~ it was going to be longer, but the more i wrote the less the chapter needed, so the other words got dispersed and absorbed into the last couple chapters.
~ i warn of a reemergence of the Angels. i'm telling you early so the readers with a complaint can get it out of their system now.
~ also, the Q & A has been updated too.

original writing:
~ i keep wanting to post Whispers, i mean its where most of my word count is, but i'm kind of shy about it. Whispers is a lot different for me in terms of style and material. i think its a bit vulgar. E, says its about time. *shrug* we'll see.
~ i can't find the Cosmic notebook. that's a tragedy because i write all the Cosmic stories before typing them. it just works better that way for some reason with that particular story.
~ in return i may have to start posting Gamble, but I can't because of Wish. I'm a chapter too soon.
~ that leaves either Pegasus, or Lawless, both of which take place in Eyalus. Lawless is the original thought behind the GW fic "Book Lovers". *sigh* so many choices, so little time.

~ Clans. i am so late with the next page. apologies. i kind of grossed myself out drawing this chapter. and yes, it definitely is recently drawn, unlike the last couple chapters.
~ Rex. was supposed to debut Oct 15, 2010. its looking like next year when i will have more time to color and scan all the pages i've done.
~ Lawless. what!? yeah i was going to do it in this medium too . . . but its looking like it'll just be a book with comic book like pictures. ^_^;
~ Unnamed Compilation. i draw a lot (used to anyway). have a lot of scraps that never became anything, but are still cool to look at. thinking of posting them.

Personal life under the line!

charmin vs scott:

~ currently homeless. well not completely. but still don't have our own house due to a technicality. we're going to try again next summer.
~ college is kicking ass. specifically mine. decided against computer programming as a major irrevocably. never want to see another computer screen outside of my own raggedy little hobbies ever again.
~ i have one big research paper, and two huge programming projects left to do right now.
~ getting a hair cut. said i never would again after being institutionalized, but . . . *shrug* i think i understand why Lloyd did it. i have hair just like that. and it's starting to piss me off.
~ not returning to college so i'll have more time for fun next year.

road rage:
~ had to make this section 'cause i have a debilitating case of it. venting here will hopefully keep me from taking an ice-scraper to some fool's throat.
~ what royally pissed me off today while driving was having to wait because these morons don't know how to make a U-turn. you're supposed to turn wide and on the opposite side of the intersection so that a. you can see oncoming cars and b. the other turner can see traffic from your end. *slaps forehead* not what happened. instead we waited for M.F ever because these two jackasses couldn't move out the dammit way because they couldn't see pass each other. WHY? because they were on the wrong sides of the dammit road.