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Life and Fun

life update:

visited and fell in love with Arizona.  i was slightly disappointed in that it was no where near as hot as everyone said it would be.  it hit 110 the week we were there and i didn't even break a sweat.  we saw some houses up close and personal.  liked about 10 of them, so we put in offers.  we are now in the waiting game.

i return to the classroom via the virtual world for my masters in August *shakes head.  don't know what I was thinking there.*

Fun update:
Episode 1 of Clans is complete.  feel free to visit and leave comments.  you can actually see my Painter progression.  am so proud of my burgeoning skills.

am also collaborating on The Salty Canon Brigade.  lots of talented artists in that crew, happily showing off our gay pirates. you can also see how my drawing style has evolved from drawing Clans.

Lately i've been drawing this comic about the bastard son of a demon king who flees his home after an assassination attempt from the Regina.  i'm actually putting *cough* effort *chokes* into it so that's what's eating up my time and why i haven't been writing here lately.  It's called Rex.  hopefully it'll be premiering on Smackjeeves soon.