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Cosmic [Ch4/6]

. yep. nothing enlightening or hella cool to impart right now. this is a fun chapter. i like fun chapters.

Previously in Cosmic: Prologue, Ch 1 Ch 2 Ch 3

Cosmic © 2009 property of Kenen and E. Entity. Do not repost. Do not repost and claim as your own. Do read. Do enjoy. Do comment.

Chapter 4

It was 8 am Sunday morning with Leo was abruptly woken up by the doorbell ringing. More than the irritating ‘bing bong’ of the bell blaring over the speakers, Leonard was shocked to find a blue arm around his waist and a blonde head of surprisingly soft hair nestled against his belly. When that had happened was anyone’s guess. Alinon didn’t seem inclined to move and Leo was a moment disentangling himself from the sleeping alien’s clutches.

He stumbled down the stairs confused and sleepy. Squinting through crooked glasses, he opened the door to find Agatha Moreland frowning at him as though he were in the wrong for not being awake before noon on a weekend. Agatha’s hair was not yellow enough to be blonde but not dark enough to be brown either, she’d opted to comb it into a side ponytail that Leonard would have sworn fell out of fashion with the rest of the world in the 1980’s, but still suited her. She had glasses, Leonard knew, but never wore them in favor of different color contacts that she changed every week. This week it was a purple that completely matched the heels of her pink with swirling lavender hearts off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, white tank beneath, and jean skirt with white mid-calf length tights and folded down ruffled pink socks. Thankfully, Agatha wasn’t the type to wear makeup beyond her eyes.

“Leonard,” Agatha huffed, “I’ve been calling you since Friday afternoon, why haven’t you picked up the phone?”

“Well hell, Agatha, why’d it take you so long to come over and check on me? I could be dead.”

“Stop being so dramatic. Waitaminute. Are you okay?” She squinted as she peered at him, trying to gauge if anything was different.

Leonard couldn’t recall the last time he’d looked in a mirror and so had no idea what he looked like. Even so, he decided to be honest. “I slipped in the shower.”

“No shit,” Agatha breathed, she looked pained. “Maybe I should have come by sooner. God, you look like crap.”

“Thanks,” Leonard drawled in a tone that couldn’t have been more sarcastic if he’d practiced.

“Move aside, loser, have you at least put ice on that, jeez.” Agatha pushed her way into the kitchen. She knew the way, having been to his home numerous times. Agatha was undoubtedly his best friend. She was odd and intelligent and appreciated his own brand of brilliance.

Actually, now that Leonard had had time to think about it, he hadn’t put anything on what had to be a bad goose egg and undoubted bruising. Honestly, besides residual dizziness and occasional twinges the day before, he hadn’t felt the effects a fall of that nature should have wrought. Not since Alinon said he was monitoring his condition, whatever that meant. And definitely not since Inhaling Vai’s Breath. Even as he wondered if he would ever get another hit of that Air his heart was starting to race in panic mode; apathy destroyed.

Agatha was in his kitchen.

And an alien was upstairs in his bedroom.

He had to diffuse the situation, was his primary concern. But fate was against him as he heard Agatha squeal in excitement.

“Jeez, Leonard, you’ve been holding out on me.” He tried to think of what could possibly be in his kitchen to warrant such a reaction out of a more or less stable girl. And then he remembered the transmitter sitting on the table.

Taking a deep breath he closed the front door and meandered into the kitchen, bored face in full effect.

“You are so brilliant,” Agatha gushed upon sight. She was crouched over the table so she could appraise the transmitter hooked up the radio better. “What is it?”

“It's an amplifier,” Leonard truth-lied smoothly. “The goal is to have it pick up frequencies from outer space.”

“Like satellite TV?” Agatha wondered.

And she’d provided his alibi rather neatly. “Somewhat.”

“That is awesome.” Agatha murmured preoccupied with the machinery. She looked up again. “Who is that?”

“Who is who?” Leonard responded even as he swirled around to find Alinon Galica in a pair of his boxer shorts with sleep mused hair that actually looked better than when it was combed. “Oh. Um. This is my cousin.” He was prepared to come up with some completely bullshit proof excuse for Alinon’s less than human appearance but the lack of reaction cued him in that something was not quite right. Agatha shouldn’t have been so calm, unmoved by the blue creature standing in the kitchen smiling pleasantly at her.

Leonard met Alinon’s eyes.

Alinon winked.

“Nice to meet you,” the alien greeted Agatha.

“Oh, Leonard, you didn’t warn me that you had cousins who are gorgeous,” Agatha muttered in Leonard’s ear after she’d come around the table to her friend’s side.

“What!” Leonard squeaked.

“I’m Agatha,” the girl purred, held her hand out for a shake.

“Alin—umph!” the alien grunted and then glared at his host for stomping him on the foot.

“Alan and Agatha, quaint right,” Agatha giggled.

“I guess,” Alinon remarked. “I will go to put clothes on. Leo, where did you put my bag?”

“I’ll show you,” the human male gritted out both from the situation and the irritating nickname Alinon insisted was a thousand times cooler than what was on his birth certificate. “Be right back Agatha.”

After the climb upstairs Alinon stated, “You are upset with me.”

“Upset,” Leonard repeated in a harsh whisper. “Upset. Alinon. She used to be a sensible girl. How the hell does she go from that to ignoring your resemblance to a blue cockroach?”

Alinon was squinting at him. The antenna that Leonard referred to as being bug-like twisted once ant then twice before straightening even as the alien’s back stiffened and a look of acute indignation crossed his face.

“Cockroach?” Alinon hissed.

“I said it,” Leonard challenged.


“Yes.” In truth Leonard conceded, he ordinarily would have compared Alinon to a butterfly if he weren’t so agitated about Agatha. “Now what did you do to my friend?”

The alien took deep breaths in hopes of deleting his fury, he answered civilly. “You said a problem was my appearance. So I changed the way people see me.”

“I still see you,” Leonard pointed out. It vaguely sounded like a complaint.

“Will not work on you,” Alinon imparted.

“Why not?” Definitely a complaint and not mere curiousity.

Alinon shrugged and looked away though Leonard got the distinct impression that he knew the answer and could even tell him in properly formed sentences.

But he didn’t press. “Alright fine. How long can you do that?”

A pause. The alien’s eyes were slow to meet Leonard’s again. “As long as I can keep touching you,” was the answer offered.

This may or may not have been a lie. It was difficult for Leonard to tell. Instead he changed the line of questioning. “Is that why you crawled in to my bed?”

The alien answered yes but Leonard was sure that was definitely a lie. He wouldn’t call Alinon on it; too many forces at work, too many unknowns about his blue shipwrecked visitor.

“Alright, so you changed your appearance, that doesn’t explain Agatha.”

Genuinely peeved, the alien scowled, “Well maybe she likes what she sees.”

Leonard snorted loudly.

“Do not be angry just because you would never be able to attract Jennifer Sexton as I can to Agatha. A cockroach to one person may be another’s butterfly. So back off.” Alinon snarled.

To Leonard’s dismay, he did because he was terrified. Because Alinon had crossed a boundary Leonard was not aware of until that moment. It shouldn’t have been crossed. Not ever. Alinon had not only mentioned Jennifer Sexton directly -- a name he should not know -- but he had also voiced Leonard’s thoughts from mere moments before.

There was an alien in his head after all.

That his best friend was downstairs crushing on.

And he would have to pretend everything was normal.

~ . ~

“So where are you from, Alan?” Agatha asked sweetly, ignoring the tension in the air as no more than morning fog on the ocean.

“Ark—" A glare from Leonard, a quirked eyebrow, and weird alien fingers, less than a second, new answer. “Australia.” Leonard rolled his eyes. Of all the ‘A’ places in my head he chooses that one. A mental rebuke. Couldn’t win.

“Oh really,” Agatha again. “You don’t have the accent.”

“Less trouble that way.”

“Oh I know,” Agatha gushed, grateful for common ground to agree upon, “Just look at Leonard, when he first got here from England people used to nag him to say stuff all the time cause his accent was so thick and proper. Now it’s barely detectable cause he worked at getting rid of it.”

Leonard’s glare transferred from Alinon to Agatha. Depositing facts about his life to his guest was not an option she was allowed to pursue. It was bad enough the odd creature would take what he wanted from his mind at will.

“So Leonard,” Agatha addressed him after a time of only getting minute answers from the alien on various subjects. “What’s this I hear about your indescribably geeky ass getting invited to Jennifer’s party? Is that a joke?”

“No. She really did invite me,” Leonard responded defensively. “Why would it be a joke? I mean, she knows me.”

“R-r-r-right,” Agatha dragged the word out. “So how’d you do it?

“Do what?”

“Get an invite, of course? Cause unless she saw Curtis dragging you off to the little boy’s room for a swirly – there’s no way.”

Leonard’s brows, already dangerously close to being one, merged completely as he glowered. “Are you implying that I couldn’t get invited unless she felt sorry for me?”

“Or, that with school coming to an end she felt she owed you something for that year you were science partners.”

“Now it’s gratitude?”

Alinon was beyond pleased. Agatha was an unlikely ally when it came to putting Leonard in his place but she did it without hesitation or care for Leo’s prickliness. At least he was correct in assuming Jennifer Sexton wasn’t interested in Leonard despite the images in the Earthians head of her also craving what Alinon desired.

“What else could it be, Leonard,” Agatha demanded. “I don’t know where you get off waltzing in fantasy land, but you used to be a sensible human being who would know better. You’re definitely the only guy I can hang out with. And I’m not saying you aren’t cute . . . to somebody . . . But Jennifer Sexton,” Another snort, “I don’t think you’re her type.”

He’d had this conversation before. “You’re just jealous.”

“I am not. Why would I want to hang out with a bunch of people who weren’t spanked enough as children? And why would you?”

Leonard was still angry, but he did share, “I never said I was going, I said I was invited.”

That seemed to diffuse the argument.

“Oh good. I was worried about you for a moment. But still, you have the invite, you may as well go.”

That rekindled it.

“You just said --!”

“I know,” Agatha interjected peacefully, “But Leonard, how often does this opportunity come along? We can go together.”

“Its invite only,” Leonard pointed out.

“Of course I have an invite,” Agatha scoffed.

“How do you have an invite!” the boy exploded.

“Leonard -- I tell you this, you don’t get angry at me for not mentioning it before.”


“Jennifer Sexton’s mother works for mine. So I get invited every year to Mrs. Sexton’s only daughter’s party. I guess it’s for brownie points,” Agatha shrugged dismissively.

“Are you kidding me?”

“You promised,” she reminded.

“I’m not going,” Leonard declared petulantly.

“And why not?”

“Because I have a guest,” Leonard answered upon seeing his proclaimed cousin shift from the corner of his eye. Agatha need not know exactly how pissed he was at the deception all their years of friendship.

The girl shrugged away his excuse. Leonard thought she did it purposefully so that the sweatshirt dipped lower from her shoulder. Alinon sat on that side of her. “I’ll just say he’s my cousin. If he’s part of the family he’s automatically invited.”

“Agatha . . .”

“No more arguments, case closed. I’m glad we can finally do this together, Leonard.” It was Agatha’s way of making peace.

Leonard was still geared toward war, but he didn’t feel like arguing further. “Alan, cousin, you feel like going?”

Honestly, Alinon didn’t and didn’t want Leo to go either, but there was nothing he could do about it and he felt moved to champion Agatha after her standing up to Leonard so fearlessly. “Sure.”

The female Earthian beamed at him. “Good. Now that that’s settled, what are you wearing?”

Leonard scowled again. “Clothes.”

She rolled her eyes but decided not to push Leonard when she’d already gotten her way. “Alan, you should wear white. It will look fabulous with your complexion.

Alinon blinked. “Um. Okay.” Spiting Leo may have screwed himself. There was no telling what he’d just gotten into.