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May 5th, 2015

*Deactivating Inner Censor*

Site Rules, Regs, and Explanations:

- I have a lot of stories in my head. I would love to write them all, but it's probably not gonna happen. That being said, I don't have a lot of patience for stupid. If i get annoyed with a story and the responses it receives, I'm liable to quit writing it forever or whenever I change my mind. I'm not saying I can't take criticism — I do and gladly — I'm saying leave an actual critique and let me know what I could improve on so that I can.

- This is an Entitlement-Free Zone. Do NOT NAG me about Fanfiction. It's fuckin' fanfiction. I don't get paid to write it. I barely get positive comments. I do it for fun because, like you, I'm a fan too. If I finish a story, then I finish it. If I don't, well, for the time you spent reading what was posted, were you not entertained?

- I'm not the best artist, but I love drawing. I also don't believe in censoring artwork. So if you click on anything that has an 18+ Warning, you will probably see a penis or two. I would love feedback on it, even something simple like "Like it" or "Your perspective is off on the (insert screwed up part here)".

- Deadlines evade me. I write slowly and I have the attention span of a mosquito in the dark.

- I'm kind, but I'm not charismatic. I can be brutally honest and most people don't like that. Even so, I like talking with people, discussing points of view, getting to know your thoughts and where ours differ. So if you have a thought then comment, it's cool. I promise to respond with the Inner Censor On.

Tentative Schedule: 05.05.2015 - ? (grad-school keeps me wiped out and busy right now)

Concentration: Hoshi (HnG) DONE! | Fan Art (?) | Original Comics (which i think will be likeable if i can get it right, i don't know about posting it yet. but that is what i work on in between grad-school papers)

If you friend me let me know what you want to see below or in a PM because i do use filters.

*Reactivating Inner Censor*

[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4b/4

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1956 | Complete: almost | Beta: no
Pairings: Maybe Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru, Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4b:Collapse )

[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4c/4 (final part)

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1889 | Complete: YES | Beta: no
Pairings: Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru (unrequited), Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4c:Collapse )