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*Deactivating Inner Censor*

Site Rules, Regs, and Explanations:

- I have a lot of stories in my head. I would love to write them all, but it's probably not gonna happen. That being said, I don't have a lot of patience for stupid. If i get annoyed with a story and the responses it receives, I'm liable to quit writing it forever or whenever I change my mind. I'm not saying I can't take criticism — I do and gladly — I'm saying leave an actual critique and let me know what I could improve on so that I can.

- This is an Entitlement-Free Zone. Do NOT NAG me about Fanfiction. It's fuckin' fanfiction. I don't get paid to write it. I barely get positive comments. I do it for fun because, like you, I'm a fan too. If I finish a story, then I finish it. If I don't, well, for the time you spent reading what was posted, were you not entertained?

- I'm not the best artist, but I love drawing. I also don't believe in censoring artwork. So if you click on anything that has an 18+ Warning, you will probably see a penis or two. I would love feedback on it, even something simple like "Like it" or "Your perspective is off on the (insert screwed up part here)".

- Deadlines evade me. I write slowly and I have the attention span of a mosquito in the dark.

- I'm kind, but I'm not charismatic. I can be brutally honest and most people don't like that. Even so, I like talking with people, discussing points of view, getting to know your thoughts and where ours differ. So if you have a thought then comment, it's cool. I promise to respond with the Inner Censor On.

Tentative Schedule: 05.05.2015 - ? (grad-school keeps me wiped out and busy right now)

Concentration: Hoshi (HnG) DONE! | Fan Art (?) | Original Comics (which i think will be likeable if i can get it right, i don't know about posting it yet. but that is what i work on in between grad-school papers)

If you friend me let me know what you want to see below or in a PM because i do use filters.

*Reactivating Inner Censor*

[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4c/4 (final part)

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1889 | Complete: YES | Beta: no
Pairings: Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru (unrequited), Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4c:Collapse )

[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4b/4

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1956 | Complete: almost | Beta: no
Pairings: Maybe Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru, Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4b:Collapse )

[HnG Fic] Hoshi 4a/4

HOSHI | by: ken
Word Count: 1000 | Complete: no | Beta: no
Pairings: Maybe Sai + Hikaru, Akira + Hikaru, Ko Yeoung-Ha + Hikaru *shrugs*
Disclaimer: Hikaru No Go © Hotta & Obata. i do not own.
Read: Chapter 4a:Collapse )

Hoshi Watch 2015

alright people. i know i said i'd post a summary of what was supposed to happen, but i get the feeling you'd rather have the chapter(s). which is good, because i've been writing in between grad-school courses. but since grad-school eats up a lot of time, i'm not as far as i'd like. that being said, there will be two postings next year:

01/15/2015 &/or 05/05/2015 if i can't finish it next month.

that is all.

Two Hundred?

your question is: ken where the (insert strong language here) have you been?

um. here's the thing. Sims 3. 'Nough said. visit my simblr. then got caught up in this horrible little fandom called Teen Wolf. you may have heard of it. my remorse is, huh, nonexistent honestly. though i acknowledge that i owe a HikaGo pic, quite possibly a finale for Hoshi, and the next chapter of TFoI (naruto edition). truthfully, only one out of the three of those will get done anytime soon.

On a Teen Wolf note though: [s03e14 Spoils]Thank GOD Braeden didn't die! Cause that Isaac/Allison thing? Ew. Just Ew. Scisaac fan here, but if i have to watch Isaac with anyone not Scott in the actual show Allison isn't even under consideration. Also, Scott with Kira? I am ridiculously okay with that. It has cute all over it.

and yes, i'm writing a fic for Teen Wolf because shows with glaring plot-holes, shit that makes no sense, and oozes wasted potential seem to be my Achilles Heel when it comes to fic ideas (like i don't have enough unfinished works already. hell).

Welcome to the New Year, y'all, where i have apparently resolved to be as honest as possible.

3 April 2013 Wish News

No idea if anyone is still reading, but no Wish this week. Got a request that's holding up my attention span.

[Orig] Wish 07

And so, Wish Wednesday again, and we've come to the last of the twins for a few chapters.

Part 07Collapse )

[Orig] Wish 06

ah yeah. today has been surprisingly busy for me. after running around all day on errands i come home to sit and type from the Notebook of All Things Cosmic (because it is March and i am way behind due to January's illness) when suddenly it hits me that it's Wednesday, and for once, i've been doing very well about posting every other as i said i'd try. W00T! for simple accomplishments.

*mumbles* i need a Joss/Jocelyn icon. Short part today, but story-wise we are slowly but surely catching the twins up to where Micah's age leaves off. See! i told you it all meshes. Of course, i need to figure a better way to do that in the final version, i think. Maybe. Suggestions?

Chapter 06Collapse )

[Orig] Wish Ch 05

Happy Wishful Wednesday! (sorry for the late post . . . but at least it's still Wednesday my time).

Notes: This chapter is rated PG-13 for reference to non-consensual violence. We are still in Kadík's corner of the Realm and getting to see the "Behind the Scenes" of how Wishes work.

Chapter 05Collapse )